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Flagship Series: Transformation and Trust
31 March 2021 /

For 2021 ESOMAR is  offering FOUR global content and networking-driven events as part of an online Flagship Series.  

The first of the series focuses on the themes of TRANSFORMATION and TRUST and comprises three unique episodes crossing three time zones.
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1). ASIA PACIFIC - 13:00 SGT
Many transformational initiatives have been born overnight due to the global pandemic – but what changes have been made by the Insight Teams in Asia Pacific? Join Johnson & Johnson Japan, AirAsia Malaysia, Pure Group Hong Kong and Unilever Singapore as they talk transformation and their role as trusted business navigators.  Next up we focus on society and research to drive change as Ipsos Japan shares details of public trust in media and EON Group Phillipines presents insights that inform policy in the context of the HIV epidemic. 

2). NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE  09.00 EDT / 15.00 CEST
Showcasing the smarts from companies like Direct Line Group, GSK, Kantar, Linkedin, Measure Protocol, MESH Experience and Protagonist, join this episode for learnings on client-side transformation measurements, how covid and qual got a client closer to their consumers, trust principles and data-sharing, how to index trust and how our industry can support a sustainable marketing environment.

3). LATIN AMERICA (in Spanish & Portuguese) 12:00  ART
Featuring 2 high-speed connected sessions depicting how our lives have been transformed by the pandemic and the role of trust within consumer’s evolving behaviours. Brand studies, innovative methodologies and corporate pieces featuring: The Coca Cola Company, Kimberly Clark Corporation, Netquest, Psyma, Ipsos, Fine Research and much more!

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With special thanks to our CONTENT ADVISORY BOARD

  • Omar G. Aragon, Digital Marketing Capabilities Director LATAM, PepsiCo, Mexico
  • Fiona Blades, Chief Experience Officer, MESH Experience, UK [Corporate Member]
  • Diego Casaravilla, CEO & Founder, Fine Research, Argentina [Corporate Member]
  • Maya Kantak, Consumer Insight Manager, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, USA
  • Gigi Leung, Head of Strategic Insights & Analytics for Japan, Johnson & Johnson, Japan [Corporate Member]
  • Jennifer Liu, Managing Partner, Answer Global Market Research, Taiwan [ESOMAR member and ESOMAR Representative for Taiwan]

For 2021 ESOMAR offers four global networking events as part of our online Flagship Series. One scheduled per quarter with each theme inspired by a notable date in that quarter.

Event date: 31 March
3 episodes that day : APAC, NA & EU, LATAM (Spanish/Portuguese)
Inspiration for theme: International Privacy Day (28 January)
Programme available now

Event date: 23 June
3 episodes that day : APAC, NA & EU, LATAM (Spanish/Portuguese)
Vision and Values
Inspiration for theme: International Market Research Day (2 May)
Deadline to submit 23 April
Call for Speakers 

Event date: 21 & 22 September
6 episodes across 2 days : APAC, NA & EU, LATAM (Spanish/Portuguese), Africa
Amplify and Accelerate 
Inspiration for theme: ESOMAR CONGRESS 21 & 22 September 2021
Deadline to submit 30 April
Call for Speakers  

Event date: 10 November
3 episodes that day : APAC, NA & EU, LATAM (Spanish/Portuguese)
Theme: Future Proof and Foresight
Inspiration for theme: International Standards Day (14 Oct)
Deadline to submit 10 September
Call for Speakers