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Storytelling Impact

Workshop overview

“Without a human frame, like photos or words that make emotion salient, data will only confuse, and certainly won't lead to smart organisational behavior.”
- Harvard Business Review, March 2013

Today’s researchers, analysts, and data scientists aren’t just expected to be analysts; we’re also expected to be business advisors and consumer experts. It’s become our job to find and tell a story that leads to meaningful business insights & decisions.We’re expected to have a point of view, and that requires a keen understanding of the business and organisational context.

But it’s not always easy to unearth what that decision should (or could) be. Dashboards and infographics can bring our stories to life, but first we have to define and create that story. And then we have to communicate it persuasively.

The 2018 ESOMAR Storytelling Bootcamp will feature guest speakers from the entertainment industry, with facilitation & presentations from veteran researchers specialising in media, entertainment, and communication. Activities such as headline writing, story structuring, and role-playing will allow participants to practice & hone their storytelling skills with the help of professional storytellers.

This workshop will help you harness storytelling skills to:

  • Conquer the art of telling internal vs. external insights stories
  • Find your voice as a storyteller
  • Heighten your persuasiveness
  • Use tools like storyboarding, building suspense, and three act structures to bring your stories to life for non-researchers
  • Edit your stories to be productive and focused with your storytelling time
  • Build trust among team members



Workshop leader

Kerry Edelstein

President and Founder
Research Narrative, Inc.

Kerry Edelstein is the President and Founder of Research Narrative. An expert in creating data-driven stories that drive business and content strategy, Kerry has collaborated with renowned entertainment and media brands such as Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Discovery, NPR, SheKnows Media, Vulcan Productions and Viacom Media Networks to develop programming, build leading brand portfolios, and evaluate social impact.

Previously, Kerry was Vice President of Research & Analytics for Joost Media, Vice President of Research at media research and consulting firm SmithGeiger, and co-founder of filmBUZZ, a market research firm serving the independent film community. She began her career in the Youth and Education division of Harris Interactive, collaborating with universities and educational service providers to identify opportunities to maximize student performance, satisfaction, and retention.

Kerry currently serves as Corporate Secretary on the Board of Directors for CHAMPS Charter High School, a media and performing arts high school in Los Angeles. She moonlights as a masters swimmer, hip hop dancer, and formidable discount shopper. Kerry received her MBA from The Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and her B.S. in Biometry and Statistics from Cornell University.

Guest speaker

Sean Monahan

General Manager / Creative Director
Westside Corporate Creativity

Sean Monahan is a co-owner of M.i. Productions (parent company of the nationally renowned Mission iMPROVable and M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater) and a Senior Instructor for Business Improvisations who travels the country leading workshops that deal specifically with the intersection of business and improvisation.

Sean has taught programs for Duke Fuqua School of Business and UCLA Anderson School of Management, as well as various companies around the world. He's been improvising since 1995, having trained at IO Chicago, The Second City and the Annoyance, and can currently be seen performing weekly at M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, CA.

Sean also has 15+ years of experience in experiential and sustainable marketing, creating programs for such companies as Kraft Foods, Nintendo, SCJohnson, United Airlines, BASF and the Seattle Mariners. Past agency clients include DFCBX, Green Bear Group, 11 Communications Group, Matrex Exhibits and TBA Global. He's won numerous awards for his creative and strategic marketing programs, including Reggie Awards, Pro Awards, Ex Awards and a Yahoo! Big Idea Chair Award.