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Insight Generation from Media

Workshop overview

Join us to address the fundamental yet complex media, marketing issues/questions including:

  • How to identify the most valuable target audience and how to create consumer profiles (that helps to target more efficiently)?
  • How does marketing impact sales?
  • Does marketing/media impact brand equity which impacts sales?
  • I have been spending heavily but my brand awareness is not increasing. Why?
  • How do I split my budgets between offline and online mediums?
  • Do I need a content & social strategy?
  • How do I approach channel selection? What tools are used and how do you plan?



Workshop leaders

Ravi Shekar

Ravi Shekar

Associate Research Director
Publicis Media

Ravi Shekar is a brand and communication research specialist based out of Dubai. As an Associate Director for Analytics & Insights at Publicis Media-MENA, he manages media measurement and audience understanding requirements for the entire group & its clients across the MENA region.

He is particularly interested in unconventional research methods, Biometrics, digital consumer psychology, cross-media measurement and advanced analytics.

Racha Makarem

Racha Makarem

Head of Analytics & Insights
Publicis Media

In her role as Head of Analytics & Insights at Publicis Media-MENA, Racha Makarem\s expertise has been pivotal for the development of research capabilities in the MENA region, not solely within the Publicis Group itself, but also affecting the wider industry as well.

Highlights of her achievements include developing ROI tools, consulting & engaging with the industry boards for key measurement systems. She has authored and presented research papers and POVs at several forums including ESOMAR, ESOMAR MENAP, AMA and Gitex.