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Training - ESOMAR Bootcamp 2018 (Generating Insights) - MENAP

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Analysing Data Like the Masters
Embark on the journey that marketing teams around the world take when they start


This workshop is in Day 2 (20 March 2018) of ESOMAR Bootcamp 2018 (Generating Insights) - MENAP, Dubai / 19-20 March

Workshop overview

Take a journey onto marketing data analysis from the trainer that has been coached some of the best marketing teams around the world. Coca-Cola, Microsoft, McDonalds, Levis, Citibank and many other teams have learned the ropes of marketing analysis with Patricio, and on this workshop... so will you!!

This hands-on workshop we will take you through the most common types of data analysis: trends, profiling, correlations, correspondence, and many others. The workshop will be mostly practical, so come prepared!

Once you learn to look through data and find the hidden patterns, your life as an analyst will never be the same.



Workshop leader

Patricio Pagani

Patricio Pagani

Executive Director

Patricio is an Executive Director and Board Member at Infotools, a leading provider of market research software tools & services.

In 2015, Patricio was part of a small advisory council in charge of redesigning Coca-Cola market tracker (worth around US$65MM every year). He had already been part of a similar council in 2006 and was invited again to evaluate the different research vendors and technologies and decide what the protocols where going to be. Also, Patricio headed-up Coca-Cola's Market Research Futures Lab for several years. There, new methodologies and innovative approaches to doing research were assessed and tested (mobile, gamification, etc).

Patricio was the president of the New Zealand Market Research Society for three years and is currently the ESOMAR representative for Argentina (ESOMAR is the 'world association' of Market Researchers). Patricio is a sought-after keynote speaker at various Market Research forums, discussing what the future may hold for the industry.

Patricio is also part of the Singularity University network, founding member of the Association of Entrepreneurs in Argentina (ASEA) and a recognized change maker in his local community. He is also interested in Artificial Intelligence, Society 3.0, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Abundance Thinking.