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Training - ESOMAR Bootcamp 2018 (Semiotics) - APAC

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Introducing the Key Tools


This workshop is in Day 1 (16 May 2018) of ESOMAR Bootcamp 2018 (Semiotics) - APAC, Bangkok / 16-17 May

Workshop overview

  • Mapping culture and categories using the Semiotic Square
  • Using the Residual, Dominant and Emergent code trajectory to track how culture is changing
  • Guest speakers' perspectives on how they have put semiotics to work in the region

Workshop leaders

James Woodhead

Brand Strategist
Space Doctors

James Woodhead has worked in the brand strategy and capability development space for over 13 years, working in agency (WPP-owned Added Value, Brand Learning and now Space Doctors) and client-side organisations (British Airways and Moet-Hennessy, part of LVMH), making him a well-rounded and experienced strategist. James' skillset is centered on enabling teams in both agency and client-side settings be as effective as they can possibly be.

At Space Doctors, James is one of the agency's expert facilitators, able to guide a team towards uncovering new knowledge and skills; able to land great solutions and develop their own semiotic and cultural analysis capabilities in the process.

Maya Madhusoodan

Director Brand Strategy
Space Doctors

Maya Madhusoodan has worked in insights and strategy for 15 years. She has a background in a variety of disciplines - Radio, journalism, production, advertising, and a bulk of it is in consumer research, insights and brand strategy. Through several roles at leading insight agencies such as Flamingo, Hall & Partners and McCann Erickson, Maya has been driving more innovative methodologies to extract insights that are relevant to client plans and ambitions in the SEA region.

At Space Doctors, Maya continues to explore the use of semiotics, cultural analysis to help brands tap into strategic opportunities in the region in a relevant and responsible way. Maya is a seasoned facilitator, able to bring mixed skills together and catalyse new ideas, solutions, innovations and land great solutions.