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Towards Multi Sensory Brand Experiences

Workshop overview

How often have you tried to open packaging that requires super human strength or simply falls apart in your hands? How often have you sat in a restaurant unable to understand the person 2 places away from you because of the noise bouncing off the walls? How sensorial is your weekly food shopping experience? The consumer experience does not necessarily stop at sight or taste or hearing or touch or smell alone, it is a combination of all the is a multi-sensory experience. In this session we will guide you through how to explore and measure sensory interaction – to take you from pure sensory analysis to delivering multi-sensory brand experiences.

This highly interactive short-course will invite you to see, touch, smell, taste and hear the future of the Sensory industry and of Sensory Research. The course is aimed at product developers, marketers, insight specialists and sensory scientists who want to expand their scope. All levels of experience are welcome and are sure to learn something new and inspiring at this unique event.



Workshop leader

Ludovic Depoortere

CEO, Haystack International, Belgium

Ludovic is entrepreneur and expert in consumer behavior. He is the founder of Haystack International, a multisensory research consultancy agency from Belgium. Haystack is specialized in sensory research performs research globally for the largest consumer brands in Food, non-Food, Beverage, Personal Care, and Healthcare Industries. Ludovic's professional passion lies within optimizing consumer experiences by orchestrating a Symphony Of Senses.