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The Art and Science of Asking Questions

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This complimentary masterclass is offered at ESOMAR Summer Academy 2019, for more details visit here.


Full day Masterclass

Who should attend?

The masterclass will present real life research examples that demonstrate the impact of asking questions in different ways can have on answers. The learnings will be highly relevant to anyone from a client or agency responsible for: writing or devising brand trackers, segmentation research, discovery research, pricing research and new product evaluation, customer satisfaction, and conducting more expansive exploratory research projects.

What's in it for me?

After this masterclass you should be able to approach your future survey design challenges with a fresh outlook and renewed confidence.

Level of learning

You will be expected to know the basics of survey design.

Programme outline for the day


The behavioral science of question design

One of the common challenges for researchers is the gap between what people say in a survey, and what they do and think in real life. There can often be big differences. This masterclass will explore the behavioral science of question design and look at how to design more effective surveys that deliver more truthful answers, that can subsequently more reliably predict real life behaviors and attitudes.

You will learn about:

  • How to devise questions that encourage participants to think in ways that more closely mimic real-life decision-making processes
  • Techniques for overcoming common cognitive biases that can corrupt your survey data
  • How you can encourage people to reveal what they really think and how they behave in real life
  • How to collectively use the brain power of respondents to solve more complex research problems by turning them into observers
  • How to more effectively use open ended questions to understand the truth
  • Agile survey design techniques that will allow you to more effectively hone in on the most important and relevant questions to ask
  • How to critique and de-bias your own surveys

What you will be expected to do in this session:
Learn! But there will also be some activities to apply some of the learnings made during the session.


Survey Design 101: how to design surveys that your client and participant will both love!

The afternoon session will explore the art of survey design, and focus on how to write and design great surveys:

  • How to pitch a survey to participants
  • How to build a survey narrative
  • How to ask a killer question – tips for copy writing and conceiving questions
  • How to maintain the interest levels of respondents using feedback mechanics
  • How to visualize your surveys and optimise design for mobiles
  • How to make sure you are making the most of the participants time
  • How to de-borify your surveys

What you will be expected to do in this session:
This will be a more hands on session where you will be challenged to have a go at various survey copy writing challenges.

Basic agenda:

  • 9.00 – start
  • 10.30 to 10.45 – coffee
  • 12.30 – 13.30 – lunch
  • 15.15 – 15.30 – coffee
  • 17.00 – close

Workshop leader

Jon Puleston

Jon Puleston

VP Innovation

Jon Puleston is VP of Innovation at Lightspeed Research, a Kantar business, where he heads an international team specialising in research methodology innovation.

Over the past decade, he and his team have conducted extensive research on exploring new and better ways to conduct research. They have won multiple awards for their ground-breaking work in the areas of research gamification and prediction science, spanning the fields of consumer, advertising, business and political research.

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