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Powerful Storytelling - the Art of Presenting
Be inspiring, persuasive, confident!

This complimentary masterclass is offered at ESOMAR Summer Academy 2019, for more details visit here.

Content that connects. Delivery that makes a difference.

I believe that everyone can become an effective public speaker, whether they feel they're a natural or not.

Whether it's for a career-defining conference talk, a strategic presentation, or a mission-critical meeting, I help you craft clear, focused content and deliver it in a way that is confident, compelling, and authentically you.

No dry, boring PowerPoints. No hard sell. No smoke and mirrors.

Just a powerful story that connects with people on a human level.

So that people really hear what you have to say - and see you as the (aspiring) leader and expert you really are.

Because you say so.


A one-day interactive workshop to make your presentations inspire and persuade. Lead from the stage for more influence, more buy-in. Be an ambassador for your ideas, the company and your personal brand. All whilst feeling confident and in control!

What are the objectives?

To learn crucial and easy-to-implement approaches that will bring more effectiveness, influence and confidence when presenting.

What's in it for me?

You will improve your impact by learning tools to communicate your ideas with clarity and conviction.

After the training you will be able to:

  • Approach your presentation with a positive, enabling mindset
  • Prepare your material in an easy, focused and impactful way
  • Walk on stage with a strong presence; being an assured representative of your material

Level of learning?

Beginner & Intermediate

Anyone who would like to gain more confidence when speaking in public.
Anyone who wants to consistently get better results when presenting.
Or you could ask the question: How many, of your last 6 presentations, were successful? (ie. you got the result you wanted while feeling confident and assured? If it was less than ⅔, then this training is for you!)

Maximal number of attendees


Programme outline for the day

  • 9.00 – start
    • Welcome, introduction.
    • Icebreaker exercise.
    • Why do we feel nervous? The psychology and culture of public speaking.
    • Limiting belief exercise.
  • 10.30 to 10.45 – coffee
    • Delivery exercises. Eye contact. Presence. Own the room.
    • "Start with the End in Mind". How to set super sharp objectives for a super sharp presentation.
    • Structure. Template for clear, concise presentations.
  • 12.30 – 13.30 – lunch
    • Talk to hearts and minds. Understand the importance of bringing your message logically and emotionally.
    • Strong beginning; even stronger ending. Engage and connect with the audience from the first moment until the last. Learn how to capture attention and keep it.
  • 15.15 – 15.30 – coffee
    • Participants prepare for mini-talk
    • Pre-stage confidence building exercise. Breathing. Body tapping. Power poses.
    • Delivery of mini-talks
  • 17.15 – 17.30 – wrap up
    • Insights and commitments
  • 17.30 – close

Workshop leader

Tara Phillips

Tara Phillips

Cause & Affect Speeches

Tara Phillips is the founder of Cause & Affect Speeches. International business leaders and professionals use her services to transform their presentations and talks so that they influence, inspire and make things happen.

As a public speaking expert, trainer, and certified coach based in Amsterdam, Tara draws on 14 years of experience to equip individuals and organisations with the tools to be clear, confident and compelling.

Tara has worked with clients such as TomTom, Adobe, Philips, ING bank, Heineken, WeTransfer, helping professionals elevate their careers and achieve real business results through the power of public speaking.

As a TEDx speaker coach since 2010, Tara has coached over 50 speakers for TEDx events across Europe. She's helped speakers present their ideas at TEDxAmsterdam, CERN and Monte Carlo, with some going on to speak at TED Global and reach millions worldwide via

With a calling for meaningful communication and making a positive difference, Tara's previous career incarnations were in PR & Marketing for fashion brands such as MORE & MORE and S. Oliver and owner of TDP Coaching. Learn more