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Turning Insights into Action

Workshop overview

How do we communicate insights in a powerful way? And how to make that they are used in the day-to-day job?

More than ever, demonstrating impact is the name of the game for professional marketing services agencies. According to a recent Market Research Impact study (2014), only 45% of insight professionals and marketers believe research succeeds in changing the attitudes and decisions of marketers. Based on 20+ in-depth interviews with MR professionals on the client side, we identified 11 unmet needs related to the future of consumer insights. In the end, the goal is to trigger meaningful actions which turn insights into concrete ideas, stronger brands and future-proof business concepts so as to deliver better consumer experiences.

The million-dollar questions are: how do we trigger these meaningful actions across the organization in order to create a positive business impact? And how can tomorrow's insight professional do this efficiently yet effectively?

This one day workshop will cover theory and practical 'how to' exercises:

  • the theory behind the power of an insight
  • how to correctly articulate an insight to better impact your business
  • how to let your insights flow in your organization
  • how to create habits for working with insights



Workshop leaders

Tom De Ruyck

Managing Partner, Head of Insight Activation Studio
InSites Consulting

Tom gives more than 100 keynote speeches, workshops and in-company presentations every year. He has spoken in 35+ countries and on 6 continents at major business, marketing, technology and research events.

Tom is an expert in understanding and collaborating with consumers, creating consumer-centric-thinking organisations & preparing organisations and their employees for a future full of change, new challenges and tremendous opportunities.

Tom is a Managing Partner at InSites Consulting and co-author of 'The Consumer Consulting Board'. Besides that, he is an influential blogger and tweeter (@tomderuyck).