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Connecting with Frontrunners
How to spot, understand and co-create with the Millennial forefront

Workshop overview

In every industry there are the trailblazers, the innovators, the frontrunners. They are the ones that challenge the status quo and kick start trends. In this age of globalization and digitalisation information is up for grabs and voicing your opinions and ideas is open to anyone. The Millennial generation came of age in this context and is used to having an audience to listen to their world views, their brand views, well their views on anything actually.

To tune in to this generation it is vital for organisations and brands to be up to date on trends and aware of the Millennial frontrunners, the ones who serve as an example for their peers. Understanding and collaborating with the Millennial trailblazers will enable you to feel the pulse of the entire generation and innovate based on early signs of change within this target group. In this workshop you will learn how to find, understand and co-create with Millennial innovators.



You will get informed in an interactive way about researching trends and why connecting with frontrunners is essential in finding early seeds of change. You will learn about go-to sources, crucial scouting techniques and inspiring research case studies involving the Millennial forefront. After this you will form teams and receive a challenge, which you will be asked to prepare under the guidance of the workshop leaders.



You will be taking matters into your own hands and hit the streets to spot trends and interview frontrunners related to your team's challenge. When returning to headquarters we will review everyone's experiences and discuss the do' s and don'ts of trend spotting and finding frontrunners in the field. And finally, you will use your findings as input to develop a co-creative research design related to your challenge, which puts the spotlight on the frontrunners.

Workshop leaders

Erick Smet

Erick Smet

Trends & Sparks Manager
MARE Research

Erick started at MARE as an intern back in 2015 and hasn't looked back since. He now works as a trend researcher and graphic designer as part of the Trends & Sparks team. In doing so, he likes to work on the intersection between trend research and concept development to make sure the compiled insights are put to good use. When he's off duty Erick likes to sing and dance till sunrise, but hasn't found the right audience just yet.

Pernille Kok-Jensen

Director of Trends
MARE Research

In 2008 Pernille set-up the trends and Sparks department at MARE. Today she provides tailor made future perspectives on demand. She is an award winning speaker and published author with an eye for the bigger picture as well as the nitty-gritty. Pernille was raised across the globe and holds two degrees. A Bachelors in International Media and Communication and a Master of Arts. In her twenties she blew off steam as a performing artist in the club scene. After free-lancing as a stylist, producer and creative writer, she joined the editorial team at Frame Publishers as their art-buyer. Hereafter, she joined Streative Branding, where she collaborated on award-winning products as the lead trend researcher and design manager. She has a collection of about 80.000 heels and is famous for being the only mom that skateboards with her kids in the suburb where she lives.