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And how they influence good quality storytelling and persona's

Workshop overview

Descartes, Kant and more specifically Carl Gustav Jung made the distinction between empirical and basic intellect. The distinction was made to better understand the complexity of human behaviour. Empirical intellect can be observed and measured, but the basic intellect does not visually exist, yet is present in all cultures, it changes slightly in interpretation over time and in its context.

The patterns are always there and play an often underestimated role in our personality development and decision making.

Today storytelling and developing Persona's has become popular in our industry, but the much more extensive usability of the archetypes is unknown and for that reason not popular among (qualitative) market researchers. Good quality storytelling and persona’s all find their basis in these archetypes.

During this workshop, we will discuss how the 12 archetypes can and should be used by brands, companies but also by public personalities or politicians. Using examples and hands on exercises, we will illustrate how a strong archetype can give clear direction and consistency to business and social institutions.

We will also look at the subject of persuasion tactics. Archetypes and persuasion tactics are related. There are 17 persuasion tactics which can help brand, business and society to make a clear case and convince others of their thinking or product.

In this highly interactive session learn what archetypes and persuasion can mean to you, your clients and your business.

Workshop leaders

Frits Spangenberg

Frits Spangenberg

The Netherlands

Frits is the founder and former managing director of Motivaction in the Netherlands. He was the president of ESOMAR 2007-2009 and was a member of the ESOMAR Council until 2010.

Frits is still active at Motivaction and also gives lectures and workshops. Frits is also very active in both the cultural and business landscapes. In 2005 he was honoured for his contributions, specifically his work on the Mentality-model, by being awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau a civil and military Dutch order of chivalry awarded to those who deserve appreciation and recognition from society.


Roel Schoemaker

Business Development Director
The Netherlands

Roel Schoemaker is a consultant and segmentation specialist, working for the Dutch based market research agency Motivaction. Roel is one of the founders of Glocalities, a unique values based intercultural research program. Glocalities includes numerous qualitative tools, such as archetypes, values trends and persuasion tactics, providing insights into consumer drivers in 24 countries. With these insights, Roel has assisted both multinationals like Unilever as well as NGOs like Greenpeace to identify target audiences for growth and resonate with their core consumer values.

Sander Kluiters

Sander Kluiters

Principal Strategy Consultant
The Netherlands

Sander Kluiters MSc. studied Business Economics and Organization at the University of Amsterdam. Sander has over 20 years of experience in qualitative research. Since 2005 he has been working for Motivaction, the largest independent Dutch market research agency for research based consultancy.

In his current position as a principal strategy consultant he oversees a wide range of area's like communication, strategic positioning and concept testing. Sander is much appreciated for his advice in consumer behaviour, sales, marketing and strategy and is specialized in persuasion tactics. He was nominated for the MOA (Dutch research association) researcher of the year award in 2011.

Sander is always looking for new ways to improve and further develop qualitative research and gain insight into subconscious consumer behaviour. For instance he has developed InnerWorld and was recently certified as an NLP Practitioner.