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Global training

Grow as a professional and develop your knowledge and skills further with our extensive calendar of workshops and webinars.

ESOMAR offers a broad range of trainings and workshops, both online and in person all across the globe, providing practical skills, inspiration and insights from the latest innovations within data, research and insights.

ESOMAR’s training programme and webinars are relevant for researchers, research buyers, insights professionals and data analytics experts. They also vary by levels of expertise, suitable for professionals at the early stage of their career as well as experts looking for further growth.

Upcoming webinars and training programmes

Training 29 March Presenting in Asia
Training 29 March How to Get Closer to the Truth
Training 22 April Business Solutions Training Session 1
Training 22 April Business Solutions Training Session 2
Training 22 April Business Solutions Training Session 3
Training 08 June Building an Insights Engine in an Evolving Digital World
Training 08 June Application of Machine Learning Methods as a Link Bet...
Training 09 June Passing the ‘So What?’ Test
Training 09 June Social Listening for Insights

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