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Research World, ESOMAR’s new online media, is a unique platform where tomorrow’s insights meet today’s business. There are various top-of-the-line advertising and exposure opportunities across the media website and global newsletter.

With an online audience of over 115 000 readers annually and over 200 000 article views last year, Research World offers a global podium for debate and discussions, with rich potential for brand exposure and advertorials.

The Research World newsletter is sent out 24 times a year to more than 25 000 readers, highlighting the latest trends, news and innovations that are featured in Research World online and print.

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Cancellations must be received by ESOMAR in writing. The following charge will apply if the cancellation is received at the ESOMAR office:

  • More than 4 weeks before the advertising deadline – No charge
  • Less than 4 weeks before the advertising deadline - 50% cancellation fee will apply. Alternatively the advertising spot can be reassigned to the next issue at the normal rate plus a 25% reassignment charge.
  • Less than 1 week before the advertising deadline – 100% fee will apply

* A copy of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice is available on the ESOMAR website.
** “Authorised signatory/ies” refers to the person or persons authorised to sign on behalf of the company in accordance with its statutes. For instance, in the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland, the signatures of two Directors will be required.

Advertisements are accepted on condition that their content does not contravene the Code of the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, and / or the ‘Stichting Reklameraad’ of the Netherlands. ESOMAR reserves the right to refuse any advertisement or cancel any pre-paid advertisement as it deems appropriate to avoid conflicts of interest and to make decisions in the best interest of the Society.

“I / We declare that I / we have read and understand the ICC / ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research* and affirm for and on behalf of the Company of which I / we am / are the Authorised Signatory / ies** that this company undertakes to apply the provisions contained therein to each and every marketing or social research contract which it may undertake.
In particular, I / we affirm that we agree to apply Rule 15 of the ICC / ESOMAR Code and confirm that when acting in the capacity as researchers, this company will not undertake any non-research activities, for example database marketing involving data about individuals which will be used for direct marketing and promotional activities. I / We agree that this company will always clearly differentiate any such non-research activities from marketing research activities, in the way they are organised and carried out.”


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Contributing to Research World

A medium of ESOMAR, the global voice of the data, research and insights community, Research World focuses on leading edge issues, innovation and hot topics to provide a bridge between insights, technology and popular digital media.
Research World online features daily updates, interviews, thought pieces, news and trends analysis. As a leading media platform in the data, research and insights industry, total monthly readership is estimated to be over 15.000 worldwide and includes insights providers and clients, technology, advertising and media experts, consultants, academics, and end users in marketing, brand, design, and products teams in commercial as well as public sector organisations.
Research World is further published in print twice a year and is distributed at key ESOMAR events and is sent to more than 6000 ESOMAR members who are senior marketing, advertising and research professionals in over 100 countries.

Please have a look at our Editorial Calendar and the Guidelines for Contributors, prior to submitting a piece.

Please write to Research World editorial team ( if you are interested writing an article. You can also do so through the form above.


Key selection criteria:

Originality and creativity, challenging and critical, global relevance;

Practical rather than theoretical with a strong relevance for marketing and business.

Contributions to be written in English with the title of the article and author(s)’ name, position in company, address, phone, and email address and a photo of the author(s), colour, 300 dpi.

Style guidelines - to help ensure that your article is easy to read:

Do not exceed the word count commissioned. Avoid repetition.

Include a title of 3 to 5 words and a lead in of around 20 words summarising the subject matter.

Keep paragraphs and sentences short; use short words not long. Active not passive words.

Present the conclusion at the beginning, not at the end.

Emphasise the impact of the research in the context of decision making.

Include a strong ending, eg, clear recommendations, plans for the future.

Avoid sales pitches: the only worthwhile PR results from articles of a high standard and value.

Avoid detailed descriptions of elaborate techniques, advanced equations, footnotes or lists of references. Check facts and figures. Be specific about numbers (millions, billions, currencies etc.

Guidelines for figures, tables and graphics:

All tables, figures, graph and images must be sent as separate files as .jpg or .gif files and at least 300 dpi to ensure proper clarity. Please check that any text in the images is large enough to read. Avoid PowerPoint slides, which cannot be reproduced in print.

Mark the position of tables and figures within the text. Include the title of the graphic.

The Research World editorial team
Simon Chadwick

Simon Chadwick

Editor in Chief Research World overall

Partner, Cambiar Consulting, USA

Simon Chadwick is Managing Partner of Cambiar. He has held a number of senior executive positions in the industry, including CEO of NOP World. He is a past Chair of CASRO and has held numerous other industry board positions. A frequent speaker at conferences, he has over 100 published articles and papers to his name.

Jack Miles

Jack Miles

Editor in Chief Research World online

Senior Director, Northstar Research Partners, UK

Annelies Verhaeghe

Annelies Verhaeghe

Managing Partner, InSites Consulting, Belgium

Elias Veris

Elias Veris

Global Operations Lead - Google for Startup, Google, Ireland

Fiona Blades

Fiona Blades

Chief Experience Office, MESH Experience, USA

Kyle Findlay

Kyle Findlay

Senior Data Science Director (Innovation), Kantar Insights, South Africa

Nisha Yadav

Nisha Yadav

Head of Global Brand Research, MetLife, USA

Rex Briggs

Rex Briggs

Marketing ROI & attribution expert and CEO, Marketing Evolution, USA

Rex Briggs is the founder and CEO of Marketing Evolution, a marketing ROI research consulting firm. Marketing Evolution applies measurement, management dashboard and consulting processes to help clients improve marketing accountability and ROI. Advertising Age called Rex Briggs’ book, What Sticks, the most important work in advertising research in more than a decade.

Selin Cetinelli

Selin Cetinelli

Consumer and Market Insight Director, Unilever, Turkey

Selin Cetinelli is Director of Consumer and Market Insight at Unilever, responsible for the North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus region. Having lived abroad for 15 years in diverse countries such as US, China, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Egypt, and having visited 35+ countries has shaped her passion for cross-cultural consumer understanding to pursue a career in research upon graduating from the Middle East Technical University with a degree in Management. She has been with Unilever for 17 years, beginning her career at Unilever Egypt as a market research trainee. After moving to Unilever Turkey in 1998, she set up and led many roles within consumer and market research both at local and international levels. Selin diversified her experience by also moving to marketing, leading top Unilever brands for the region before returning to CMI. Her area of expertise is in insight activation where she won a global award for landing Dirt is Good.

Neda Eneva

Neda Eneva

Desk Editor

Kathy Joe

Kathy Joe

Editorial Consultant

Monika Zak

Monika Zak

Editorial Coordinator

Luke Raben

Luke Raben

News Desk