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ESOMAR Membership provides you with networking opportunities with experts and peers from a range of sectors and industries. Success can depend on knowing the right people at the right time. Through our network of more than 4900 members, global and regional events, local and client-only meetings, ESOMAR membership connects you to fresh ideas, new learnings and a chance to challenge conventional thinking and practice.

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Mr. Carlos Paniagua-Gamboa
UNIMER CENTROAMERICA, Panamá y República Dominicana
Costa Rica

Mr. Luis Haug
Costa Rica

Mr. Juan Tello
Diretor Americas
Costa Rica

Corporate Country Key Member

Mr. Marvin Rojas Brenes
Triada Research & Planning
Costa Rica

Mr. Carlos Monzon
General Director
Prodatos S.A.
Costa Rica

Mr. Marco Cabrera
Costa Rica

Mr. Francisco Masís Vargas
API SIgma Dos - Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Mr. Jose Delvalle

Dichter & Neira Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Corporate Country Key Member

Mrs. Jeanny Lopez
Account Director - Client Service
MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean
Costa Rica

Corporate Country Key Member

Mrs Potricio Chaporro
Country Manager
Synapsis Research S.A.
Costa Rica

Corporate Country Key Member

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