Anna Thomas

Qualitative Research Consultant

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Qualitative Research
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Research Provider
Anna is a sociologist, having obtained a bachelors degree in this field from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her university studies also encompassed the subject of education, with drama at its core.
Her professional career started at MEMRB, where she quickly realised that her calling was in qualitative research. While at MEMRB, she was fortunate to be given the opportunity to travel far and wide, in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe, organising and carrying out qualitative research projects, revealing opinions on subjects ranging from product usage, to bank image; and attitudes towards social issues and much more. Anna has also developed qualitative research training courses for the staff of the local offices of this company.
Until recently, Anna has been RAI Consultants’ Qualitative Research Director, concentrating her activities in Cyprus, organising, supervising and carrying out countless opinion and market research projects. Her clients include multinational corporations, political communications specialists, bankers, municipalities and businesses of all sizes.
Anna is currently a freelance qualitative research consultant, with full capabilities of carrying out projects in the Cypriot social, political and market context.

Qualitative Research with particular emphasis on focus group discussions

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