An expert project team is now updating ESOMAR's 26 Questions to Help Research Buyers of Online Samples.

These questions, in combination with additional information, will help researchers consider issues which influence whether an online sampling approach is fit for purpose in relation to a particular set of objectives and will help the researcher ensure that they receive what they expect from an online sample provider.

The update will cover multi-source sampling, intercept and river sampling, together with routers and what this means in terms of transparency and predictability. The team includes:

• Adam Phillips, Chair of ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee
• Reg Baker, Market Strategies International
• Pete Cape, SSI
• Mike Cooke, GfK
• Efrain Ribeiro, Lightspeed Research and
• George Terhanian, Toluna USA

Meanwhile, a separate team is developing questions to help commission social media research to include company profile, policies and compliance as well as data management, data quality and data validation. More about this in the next e-bulletin.


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