UPDATE: 24 May – ESOMAR promoted the position of the research sector at the Council of Europe at a special hearing of interested stakeholders on the revision of the international legally-binding Convention 108 on data protection. This reinforced the importance of key points raised in a written position (previously reported) submitted to the Council on March 30. 


ESOMAR participated along with EFAMRO, continuing the two organisations' joint cooperation on political representation in Europe. The next steps involve monitoring the drafting of the Explanatory Memorandum of the Convention in June, which will be used by Council of Europe Member States to interpret the Convention and is expected to include research-relevant provisions. The full Convention and its Explanatory Memorandum should be finalised by June 2013. 

(19 April) - ESOMAR, in cooperation with EFAMRO, recently developed its latest position on a major review of international data protection rules at the Council of Europe. The final paper is now available online.

As reported in our March e-bulletin, the review of the Council of Europe’s (CoE) Convention 108 on the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data is currently underway which consists of legally binding rules which could impact market, social and opinion research in 47 countries in Europe and beyond.

This would cover both traditional face-to-face market, social and opinion research as well as research in the digital environment. 

The ESOMAR and EFAMRO paper from the market, social and opinion research sector highlights the importance of:

 - maintaining specific rules that apply to research, including the existing helpful recommendation to Member States on protection of personal data collected and processed for statistical purposes, dating from 1997;

 - aligning the CoE and EU work to ensure consistency and legal certainty for research businesses.

ESOMAR and EFAMRO’s position took the lead in speaking out on behalf of the research sector. The University of Oxford also submitted a comment about ensuring that research can benefit from provisions enabling the right to freedom of expression. Furthermore, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) submitted comments to the consultation, as did 12 Member States of the CoE, plus a range of media organisations concerned about the review’s impact on freedom of expression in the media. More details on the list of comments received HERE.

The Member States of the CoE will meet from 16-18 April to futher discuss this subject. The revision process for the Convention should be completed in early 2013. ESOMAR will continue to monitor developments, working in cooperation with EFAMRO.

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