Read the CEE Forum review by delegate, Carlos Garcia.

CEE Research Forum 2012
Global fuel for local boost!
Krakow/ 26-27 March

By Carlos Garcia

I was very much looking forward to my first immersion into CEE, which was also by coincidence, the first ESOMAR Research conference into the rapidly developing markets of CEE. One of my major concerns and trepidations before going to ESOMAR Krakow, centered around the levels and scale of research development in Eastern Europe I might find there and whether this was a forward thinking market or still stuck in the past. I soon realized that I had no real reason to worry as the level of ability, experience and quality of speakers and topics was at the highest level & standards you would find in any international research congress, around the world.

I came wearing the global hat of the international research executive with top down thinking from New York, yet what is great about the ESOMAR conferences is the local bottom up thinking, bringing the local initiatives and flavour to the global research practices. This helps to bring it to life and provides the foundation for trust in local decision making processes that can also be used by global marketers in many countries across the region.

In my two days at the conference, I was immediately exposed to some very high-level thinking in terms of the latest processes and methodologies incorporated into different visions from all sides of the business, from the exploration of the real meaning of research insight to neuroscience studies, online projects and the role of CEE markets in the global scenario, ESOMAR had it covered.

I really liked and enjoyed the different aspects of the business presentations, especially the keynote speakers, who were of a very high caliber of international expertise. They understood the global and regional thinking and used excellent presentation techniques to highlight the industry best practices and issues of the region.

The themes that were covered showed me the differences in thinking between just doing research and in providing real business insight and solutions. In many ways it's easier to have research studies tracking small differences over time, but what was really needed was research insights, which are much harder to bring a better understanding of the business. These are needed to make a difference in terms of delivering real value to the business process, via nuggets of insightful explanations that help build true value into the commercial marketing process.

It was exciting to find and share experiences of presentations using mixed methodologies, from new methodologies such as on line consumer panels to neuroscience. While these are already being incorporated into business decision making, traditional research also has a place and has a strong foundation in the local market.

Local practices have already achieved global scale and qualities, which need little adaption to be incorporated into global studies.

Social networks and the measurement of multi-platform effect are trends that are global in nature, but which have also found a place in CEE markets. Local marketing companies are taking care of via in-depth studies and incorporating the thinking into their business and research plans.

Different nationalities with similar objectives bring CEE markets into line with global goals and thinking, to raise the level of interest and knowledge in these markets that can be used by the central HQ to plan future investments.

To conclude, I found many great examples of talent, resources and drive to link up with the more developed International corporations to share in best practice and methodologies, to integrate the best thinking, creativity and new technologies across borders and to link up internationally.

I can't finish without mentioning the impeccable organisation of the event. Everything was in time and form, making ESOMAR CEE one of the best research events at an international level.

Thanks and see you in LATAM!


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