ESOMAR, the world association for market, social and opinion research, recently participated in the EphMRA 360 Pharmaceutical conference in Paris. ESOMAR Director General Finn Raben attended the event, which featured two Best of ESOMAR conference papers and presentations.

The Game Experiments, by Deborah Sleep of Engage Research assessed the impact that gamification may have on the market research industry.  Examining the theory behind game-play, Sleep provided insight into how gamification is used in other fields and how it can be effectively integrated into surveys.  The Game Experiments  was the Winner of the Best Methodological Paper award at the ESOMAR Congress 2011.

The Game Experiments was followed by Patrico Pagani, of Infotools, New Zealand, and Richard Raubik from Coca Cola Europe, who presented Coca Cola Europe and the Philosopher’s Stone, Crafting a rare win-win-win situation, runner up for Best Paper at the ESOMAR Congress 2011. Pagani and Raubik explored the journey that Coca Cola Europe  took to negotiate positive business cases for each of their markets and how they defined  a consistent, harmonised tracking study that was relevant for local markets and regional and global units.

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