Description of the Monolo award and announcement of the 2012 receipients.

In 2011, the Americas Research Industry Alliance (ARIA) established an award “in memory of and to honour the remarkable contributions of Manuel “Manolo” Barberena to the people, the business and profession of market research.”

As noted by ARIA, Manolo “was one of the market research industry's most dynamic and enthusiastic leaders. An entrepreneur who led his company to be one of the largest and most influential in Mexico and Latin America, he was also instrumental in setting up AMAI, the Mexican MR trade association, dedicated to bringing standards and education to the fast-growing Mexican research industry”

ESOMAR, was fortunate to have benefited from Manolo’s contributions to the industry.  For years, he was an active speaker, panelist and programme committee member for our events. He bridged the research world of Latin America with the rest of the globe and in doing so opened the region for new opportunities in innovation and growth.

Manolo’s time as an ESOMAR Council Member was far too short.  His legacy however lives on through this award, which ESOMAR is proud to support.

ESOMAR congratulates the winners of The Manolo Award for 2012: Martha Alicia Lopez, from Pearson in Mexico City, and Maria Belen Gonzalo, from Datos Claros in Argentina and looks forward to further supporting this initiative.


The Manolo Award

The member companies of the nine National Associationsbelonging to ARIA have decided to keep the flame of Manolo's vision alive by enabling emerging research industry leaders across the Americas to benefit from exposure to other research cultures in countries other than their own. To this end, they have established The Manolo Award for Future Industry Leaders in the Americas, or Manolo Award for short.

The Manolo Award will be given to one or more emergingresearch industry leaders selected from an ARIA association member. These emerging leaders will: attend an industry event or conference free of charge in another ARIA country, spend an additional two weeks with a sponsor researchcompany in that country, and learn through immersion about research culture and approaches in the host country. For more information please visit:


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