Following the consultation that included members, companies and research associations, the project team is reviewing comments received on ESOMAR’s 28 Questions to help Research Buyers of Online Samples. The final text will be issued before September.

This is a revision of ESOMAR’s 26 Questions to help Research Buyers of Online Panels which were also designed to facilitate consistent terminology for providers to state how they maintain quality to enable buyers to compare the services of different suppliers.

The 26 questions have been updated to recognise the ongoing development of techniques. Whilst some of the questions remain constant, new questions have been added to incorporate new techniques and new technology in this area including intercept and multi-source sampling, the role of routers, and how to ensure consistency over time when blending samples.

The project team includes:

  • Adam Phillips, Chair of ESOMAR’s Legal and Professional Standards Committees
  • Reg Baker, Senior Consultant, Market Strategies International and Consultant to ESOMAR’s Professional Standards Committee
  • Pete Cape, Global Knowledge Director, SSI
  • Mike Cooke, Director of Global Panel Management, GfK
  • Efrain Ribeiro, COO, Lightspeed Research
  • George Terhanian, Chief Strategy and Product Officer, Toluna USA

These 28 Questions complement ESOMAR's Guideline for Online Research which was revised in 2011 to add updated legal and ethical guidance and new sections on privacy notices, cookies, downloadable technology and interactive mobile.

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