02 December 2015

Global guideline launched to highlight researchers’ responsibilities when conducting online research

The market and social research sector has published updated guidance for researchers, providing a... read more

14 November 2015

Update on ESOMAR Global Qualitative and Sensory 2015 in Paris

Hello Friends,

Having had an opportunity to get out and about this afternoon and assess t... read more

14 November 2015

Status of ESOMAR Global Qualitative and Sensory 2015 in Paris

Dear Friends,

I was in Paris last night, and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

<... read more

07 September 2015

Cheat Sheet on Europe Data Protection Regulation

What I should know, and what I should say

25 August 2015

New Russian Data Localisation Law: Be aware where to store your respondents’ personal data

1 September will mark a significant shift in Russian law requiring companies collecting and proce... read more

13 July 2015

A new copyright directive in Europe: will there be room for data mining?

While in recent years EFAMRO and ESOMAR European advocacy efforts have focussed on the EU update ... read more

10 July 2015

IE - ESOMAR Scholarships for Market Research 2015-2016

ESOMAR and the IE School of Social, Behavioral, and Data Sciences are proud to continue their par... read more

23 June 2015

What happens when we promote self-regulation in Brussels?

Everyday, ESOMAR’s members, and members of over 60 national and international associations ... read more

01 June 2015

Why is the concern growing for privacy and who really cares?

As more people across the globe are engaged with marketers and their products and services via th... read more

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