Information and resources on polling

When the outcome of an election differs from polling predictions, the value of polls may be questioned. But polling is essential to give the population a voice.

Polling embargoes or a lack of polling can lead to an uninformed voting population. Reported poll results let people know how others feel about the country’s political parties, government policies, and current events. Election polls create a shared expectation of an election’s outcome. This is vital for a strong and stable democracy.

Recent issues with polling point to the continuing need for knowledge and training about polls – not just for those who conduct polls, but also for those who report on them.

This page includes a collection of ESOMAR resources that provides knowledge, training, information and guidelines on polls for journalists, policy makers and pollsters alike.

How polls work? Why they can be still trusted?

Featuring: Ben Page [Ipsos MORI]; Kathy Frankovic [Former Director of Surveys, CBS News & ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee Member]; Kim Smouter-Umans [ESOMAR]; Joke Ruwen-Stuursma [ESOMAR].

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