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Research World is the global magazine for marketing intelligence and decision-making. It explores the expanding borders of market, social and opinion research, helping readers stay abreast of the latest developments in tools, technology and business applications.

Readers also learn about trends and innovations around the world with case histories illustrating the role and value of market research. Let Research World guide and inform you about how to adapt to the fast-changing ways of bringing consumer insights into the boardroom.

Research World magazine is read in over 100 countries 6 times a year by around 20,000 of the world’s leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals. Available to members, with further out-reach through subscriptions, distribution at global events and through a network of ESOMAR representatives, the online magazine is also distributed through the Wiley Online Library to academic and corporate libraries.

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Research World - issue 29 - September 2011

January/February 2016

The research industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with an abundance of new data streams as well as new technology to integrate these data sources with traditional panel and survey data. This should leave us well placed for the future but truth is that our capabilities and techniques need to develop even more rapidly to keep up and stay relevant. What do researchers need to do to adapt to this new environment?

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Featured articles

Living in a data rich world

Living in a data rich world

We talk to the CEOs of GfK, IPSOS, Kantar and Nielsen about merging data streams and whether the role of market research is as valued as before. Here is a mashup of their views: "As we are hunted and driven by many agile companies, we need to be more daring, we need to be brave and move past the traditional boundaries of market research. Nevertheless, great human researchers will continue to be invaluable." What's next on the horizon?

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2015 Capital Investment in the market research and analytics sector

2015 Capital Investment in the market research and analytics sector: Implosion, correction or normal?

In 2014, the pace of capital investment into our industry jumped 83% over the prior year. That was on top of an 88% increase in 2013. Nearly US5.8 billion poured into the sector – seven times higher than in 2011. When will this stop? The answer, it seems, is now. We anticipate that investment levels have returned to levels that may be more sustainable but which areas are now seeing the most growth?

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Merging data streams

Merging data streams: The real challenge of Big Data

Many believe that analysing Big Data can bring substantial competitive advantages and increase value for both the customer and the firm. However, collecting and storing the massive data streams – although a challenge in itself - is only part of the story. How should we manage these four elements, each of which deal with the complexity involved in merging data streams: Big Data assets, capabilities, analytics and Big Data value creation?

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