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Research World is the global magazine for marketing intelligence and decision-making. It explores the expanding borders of market, social and opinion research, helping readers stay abreast of the latest developments in tools, technology and business applications.

Readers also learn about trends and innovations around the world with case histories illustrating the role and value of market research. Let Research World guide and inform you about how to adapt to the fast-changing ways of bringing consumer insights into the boardroom.

Research World magazine is read in over 130 countries 6 times a year by around 35,000 of the world’s leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals. Available to members, with further out-reach through subscriptions, distribution at global events and through a network of ESOMAR representatives, the online magazine is also distributed through the Wiley Online Library to academic and corporate libraries.

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Research World - issue 29 - September 2011

November/December 2016

Some would say that our industry started a century ago when in 1916 the Literary Digest ran the first national opinion poll among its readers, correctly predicting Woodrow Wilson as the next US President. The Digest correctly called the next four elections. How have we changed over the last hundred years and where will we be in the next hundred?

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Featured articles

Research heroes

Research heroes

Who are the individuals who’ve played a role in guiding others into or through the industry? We talk to prominent researchers from around the world and ask: who’s had the greatest impact on your career in research?

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Research past, present and future

Research past, present and future

Earlier this year, we held a seminar in London focusing on the next 20 years of market research. Having seen so much change during our own 20 years in the industry, it made sense that a look ahead by the same timespan would deliver some fascinating food for thought.

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Natural born allies

Natural born allies - technology and market research

Technology is your friend. It’s not as big, bad, or ugly as some would have you believe. And those that do have a disliking of it should also come to a realisation: it’s here to stay. The only way forward is through Silicon Valley with a technologist’s mindset.

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