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Research World is the global magazine for marketing intelligence and decision-making. It explores the expanding borders of market, social and opinion research, helping readers stay abreast of the latest developments in tools, technology and business applications.

Readers also learn about trends and innovations around the world with case histories illustrating the role and value of market research. Let Research World guide and inform you about how to adapt to the fast-changing ways of bringing consumer insights into the boardroom.

Research World magazine is read in over 130 countries 6 times a year by around 35,000 of the world’s leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals. Available to members, with further out-reach through subscriptions, distribution at global events and through a network of ESOMAR representatives, the online magazine is also distributed through the Wiley Online Library to academic and corporate libraries.

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Research World - issue 29 - September 2011

January/February 2017

The very structure of the industry is changing, fueled by rapid developments in technology and new entrants into the market. As data collection becomes increasingly automated, the added value has shifted from collecting data to interpreting and communicating what it means. So how do clients, researchers and investors view this new business environment? Which new technologies contributing to the change?

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Propelling research into the next era width=

Propelling research into the next era

Capital investment in market research and analytics is shrinking. 2015 saw a substantial decline in inward capital investment in the market research and analytics industry and inflows again decelerated considerably in 2016 according to the Cambiar Capital Funding Index. While social media analytics remain an area of interest, two others areas will push growth.

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New technology, new partners, new competition

New technology, new partners, new competition

Technological advances are giving researchers new tools with which to help their clients but are also fueling fresh competition for insight budgets. We talk to Didier Truchot of Ipsos, Mitch Barns of Nielsen, Gerhard Hausruckinger and Travyn Rhall of Kantar Insights about how the world of insights is adapting.

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Five strategies for survival, growth and profitability

Five strategies for survival, growth and profitability

Between 2005 and 2015 larger companies kept on growing fueled by acquisitions from the middle and smaller ranks of their competitors. Smaller firms saw an attrition rate in their ranks of one third over the decade. So what are the key trends in client spending in the next five years and the key strategies for middle sized companies to survive and excel?

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