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Contributing to Research World

Key selection criteria:

  • Originality and creativity, challenging and critical, global relevance;
  • Practical rather than theoretical with a strong relevance for marketing and business.

Unpublished articles are invited on:

  • New thinking and the latest research tools, techniques, technology and applications;
  • Critical analysis about the contribution of research in solving business problems;
  • Managing innovation: new frontiers in developing new products and services;
  • Trend articles: what is on the marketing horizon; the future role of research;
  • Case histories on how top performing companies make strategic and effective use of research;
  • Managing consumer information and how to embed consumer insights in the organisation;
  • How to optimise the client provider relationship to deliver quality research;
  • Evaluating the approach: What went right and what went wrong;
  • Consumer insights that tell a new or surprising story about a particular industry or market;
  • Stimulating and challenging debates about key research issues and controversies.

Exciting news

ESOMAR has entered into a licensing agreement with Wiley Publishers for the online PDF of Research World to market it globally via the Wiley Online Library, a high-traffic subscription-based online publishing platform, for researchers, authors and academic and corporate libraries.

Please write to Angela Canin (a.canin@esomar.org) if you are interested writing an article for Research World.

Contributions must be written in English with the title of the article and author(s)’ name, position in company, address, phone, and email address and a photo of the author(s), colour, 300 dpi.

Please note: Accepted authors are required to complete a Copyright Transfer form (pdf, 194 Kb), thereby transferring all copyrights of the article to ESOMAR.
Please email the form to Kathy Joe (a.canin@esomar.org) or Angela Canin (a.canin@esomar.org)

Research World Copyright Transfer Agreement and Order Form
.pdf (194 Kb)

Author guidelines

Style guidelines to help ensure that your article is easy to read:

  • Articles should not exceed 1500 words;
  • Include a short lead in of not more than 30 words summarising the subject matter;
  • The first paragraph should be short (eg not more than 50 words). It should stand up on its own and all subsequent paragraphs justify the first;
  • Present the conclusion at the beginning of the article, not at the end;
  • Emphasise the impact of the research in the context of decision making;
  • Tone: intelligent and thought provoking, in-depth but not overly detailed;
  • Keep paragraphs short, two or three sentences with a maximum of 25 to 27 words to each sentence;
  • Use short words not long. Active not passive words, stress the positive not the negative. Avoid repetition;
  • Include a strong ending, eg clear recommendations, plans for the future;
  • Charts, graphs or other artwork should complement the text. Avoid PowerPoint slides which do not reproduce well in print;
  • Avoid sales pitches: the only worthwhile P.R. results from articles of a high standard and value;
  • Stick to the topic: avoid detailed descriptions of elaborate techniques, advanced mathematical equations, footnotes, endnotes or lists of references. Be accurate: check and double check facts and figures. Be specific about numbers (millions, billions, currencies etc.) where appropriate.