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Smart Data Lab - powered by the ESOMAR community

Smart Data Lab

A global community of talent and expertise powered by trade association ESOMAR,
in partnership with Askia, CoolTool and SUPERCRUNCH by GFK

Data can power and accelerate you business growth, but used incorrectly, it can also lead you down the wrong path... or worse, become a huge liability for your business’ bottom line.

Our Smart Data Lab connects you to experts in research, analytics, insights and standards.

These experts can guide you to understand:

How to extract the most from the data you have

Expert at the WebSummit 2017 on Data Sources: Askia

  • Askia makes software for surveys. We provide:
    • an end-to-end solution for all methods,
    • community management
    • and full statistical functionality.
  • Our software enables you to create responsive questionnaires and generate smart data:
    • efficient, structured and immediately actionable data.
  • What makes us special?
    • Automation, selfserve and CRM integration as well as access to qualitative and behavioural data.
    • Askia’s powerful APIs enable our customers to integrate our expertise into their know-how.
    • We offer packages to quickly and effectively generate intelligent insights from your data.
  • How does it look?
    • A reliable and scalable platform for collecting data across a wide range of modes and a control centre which to monitor all your survey projects, panels and community in a single environment.

Which software and tools you should use

Expert at the WebSummit 2017 on Data Automation: CoolTool

  • A provider of comprehensible software solutions
  • A pioneer of automated neuromarketing research
  • Introducing to the market brand-new ways to test:
    • advertisements,
    • packaging,
    • product shelf placement,
    • and websites
  • Helping all businesses get closer to real consumer trends
  • Know the truth about your customers’ feelings, and watch your business grow

How to secure new data points and fuse them best

Expert at the WebSummit 2017 on Data Fusion: SUPERCRUNCH by GfK

  • SUPERCRUNCH by GfK is a specialist in data fusion
  • At SUPERCRUNCH by GfK we’ve been working on a suitable framework to deal with it in a way that works for all stakeholders
  • This approach bridges the gap between:
    • technology thinking,
    • science
    • and the commercial perspective
  • We’ve blended design thinking with data exploration to develop a use-case driven strategy for data driven solutions

How to follow international data protection standards

Expert at the WebSummit 2017 on Data Standards: ESOMAR

  • 70+ years experience connecting the global data, research and insights community
  • The industry’s truly global community comprising 5000 professionals and 500+ companies
  • Our expertise is helping to set globally accepted standards for data, research and insights
  • We host best-practice events throughout the world
  • And are pioneering the use of AI to unlock the knowledge of the industry
Together they are part of the market, opinion and social research and data analytics community

1. Our community helps businesses, charities, and governments to accelerate their work and drive social change…

2. Worldwide, it is a €70 billion sector comprised of data collection, handling and analytics ‘Smart Data’ expertise in companies of all sizes.

3. This community is brought together by the strict adherence to globally recognised standards set by ESOMAR and the ICC through Codes of conducts, guidelines and self-regulation.