ESOMAR is pleased to announce that the bi-annual Global Prices Study will be repeated in 2012.The data collection is due to begin in the next few weeks and the full report will be published this summer.

The aim of the Prices Study is to capture the relative pricing of different types of research projects at a global, regional and local level. The benchmark study provides important information to help research providers and buyers plan and conduct market research studies around the world.

Quotes are requested on six ad-hoc surveys and data about commercial tariffs is also seeked.

Consumer quantitative

  • A usage and attitude survey
  • A tracking study
  • An advertising pre-test

Consumer qualitative

  • Four group discussions
  • Research community


  • A quantitative business to business survey

Commercial tariffs

  • Junior researcher
  • Mid-level researcher
  • Senior researcher

The international project team has worked with a sounding board, consisting of knowledgeable specialists from a range of different countries and companies, to improve the accuracy of the set-up of the Prices Study.

How to take part

Companies listed in the ESOMAR directory and ESOMAR members at research providers that are not listed will be invited to take part in the survey by email.

Research providers that are members of national market research associations who do not have an ESOMAR member are also invited. Please contact ESOMAR at to request the project specifications and an individual log-in to the survey.

The data provided will remain strictly confidential and non-attributable. Results will be only published in the form of means, medians and the range of quotations.

The Prices Survey is being conducted under direction of independent consultants, Sue York of NewMR and Ray Poynter, of Vision Critical.

For further information, please contact Eelco Snip at





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