We remember Eugenia Paesani as a driving force behind the growth and participation of Brazil into ESOMAR activities.

We owe Eugenia a great deal in having persevered with passion and dedication to ensuring that Latin America got its place in all ESOMAR activities in the 80s and 90s. She was one of the most dedicated ESOMAR representatives and late council members, and ensured that her country fully engaged internationally.

A strong believer of the power of mentoring and supporting young and bright researchers grow into their profession, Eugenia was a keen supporter of all new initiatives especially in the field of education, training and publishing. We also want to remember Eugenia as a fantastic host on the occasions of ESOMAR visits to her home country and a warm person on all her appearances at various ESOMAR activities.

We will all miss Eugenia and extend our warm thoughts and condolescence to her family, friends and colleagues.



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