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Author(s): Naama Forsrup, Anna Karin Trydegård, Eva Glantz
Collection: Excellence in Consumer Insights 2004
Keywords: In-Depth Interviews, Focus Groups, Concept Testing

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In order to bring consumer insights into the organisation and create involvement there is a need to move away from the notion that consumer insight is, and should be something that only interests consumer insights managers and researchers.

This requires a 100% commitment from top management placing research-based consumer insight on the top of the corporate agenda. Shared insights, jointly owned by many, will enable involvement and consumer understanding. It is only when each individual owns the knowledge personally that an organisation truly acts upon consumer insights.

This paper, a joint supplier/client presentation will illustrate how a large corporation, Electrolux, works systematically and strategically with consumer insight, and how the co-researching process contributes to joint ownership of insights and therefore integrates consumer insights throughout the organisation. The paper will bring to life the voice of the participating clients - the project group from Electrolux.

Date of publication: 18.04.2004
ISBN: 92 831 1355 1
Order Code: S279-12
Number of pages: 21

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