New frontiers for Neuroscience
Synaesthesia, a bridge to communication

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Author(s): Luigi Toiati
Collection: Qualitative 2006
Keywords: Neuroscientific Techniques

ESOMAR Best Paper Award 2006/2007
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Synaesthesia is the branch of neuroscience that studies anomalies of perception: subjects who have a multi-coloured vision by listening to a voice, or see numbers and letters in colour, hear a sound by looking pictures, etc. The objective of this paper is to show how Synaesthesia, together with other techniques, constitutes an important bridge for communicating with those over 65 years. It identifies, in fact, ways that could be useful in extending the categories of products currently not available to the most 'self-sufficient' part of this group.

Date of publication: 08.10.2006
ISBN: 92-831-0199-5
Order Code: ESOMAR_paper_S314_01_Toiati.pdf
Number of pages: 9

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