Excellence 2006

Author(s): ESOMAR
Date of publication: 02.05.2006
ISBN: 92 831 0293
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Number of pages: 552
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Excellence in International Research 2006, the seventh volume in this annual ESOMAR publication series, incorporates a selection of the best papers presented at the ESOMAR Congress and ESOMAR conferences held in 2005.

The best ESOMAR papers of 2005 in one book...
These papers have been selected on the basis of their merit in contributing
to excellence and best practice in international
They were judged by the Programme Committees of the various ESOMAR events.

The first paper in this book ?Building the
corporate brand ? beyond individual loyalties
? by
Oliver Loch, Global Head of Brand Research, UBS, UK and Patricia Kidd,
VP, Marketing Communications Research, HarrisInteractive, USA, has won
the ESOMAR Award for Best International Research Paper ? The
John and Mary Goodyear Award - sponsored by TNS.

An International Jury including marketing and industry experts selected the awarded
paper for addressing the issue of corporate brand building and global strategy
development from a challenging research perspective.
A few quotes...
The heart transplant ? Consumers at the heart of
your business ? Kristin Hickey, Derek Leddie, David Jenkinson

"Consumers are important to business success (?) This
paper highlights the important of this epic vision and identifies key reasons
why businesses continue to be product or brand focused rather than truly
consumer centric"
Early warning systems and firm survival ? The role of market research
in the face of major market disruptions ? Bernard Buisson, Philip
A. Cartwright, Philippe Silberzahn

" In a world where turbulence and disruptions become increasingly
a fact of corporate life, it is essential that market research develop
methods and tools to help management identify those disruptions."
Striking Gold in the Qualitative mine ? Jem
Wallis and Vanessa Briese

"three steps that researchers should advocate and clients
should embrace (?) to build vision and generate strong insights
to impact business."
Building the corporate brand

Beyond individual loyalties

Oliver Loch, Patricia Kidd
The heart transplant

Consumers at the heart of your business

Kristin Hickey, Derek Leddie, David Jenkinson
Powerful insights

Possibilities of ethnographic research

Ji-Seun You, Edeltraud Kaltenbach
Predictive Markets: A fresh approach to concept

How to get more research for less time and money

John Kearon
Baby boomers are changing the face of 50+

Xenia P. Montenegro
Developing winning strategies for consumers
of all ages

Identifying and leveraging age-based expectations

Robert Passikoff, Kerry O?Conno
Implementing the paradigm shift from satisfaction
to loyalty

T.R. Rao, Francis D?Souza
Integrated customer intelligence: Real business
value creation

John Marinopoulos, David Laffin
Early warning systems and firm survival

The role of market research in the face of major market disruptions

Bernard Buisson, Phillip A. Cartwright, Philippe Silberzah
The Bayesian revolution in marketing research

David Bakken
Seeing around the corner

A role for marketing research in turbulent times

Michael A. Lotti
From aesthetic trends to new value signs

Brechje Vissers
Next generation TV advertisement scheduling

Beyond-demographic segmentation using fused data

Hiroshi Onishi, Akito Nakai
Creating a win-win relationship by maximizing
both manufacturer sales and retailer profits

Takashi Kondo
Questionnaire length and fatigue effects

Does size really matter?

Sandra Rathod, Andrea LaBruna
Understanding the dynamics of quantity and quality
of response in consumer online research

Michael Foley, Paul Oosterveld, Kyle Derr
Can you reduce product assortment?

Of course you can!

Stephen Needel
Brands, be yourself!

Driss Farissi
Typology of fragrance emotions

Pieter Desmet
Capturing the implicit mind

Quantitative fragrance imagery by free association

Ruth DiCasoli, Gregory Stucky, Kristin Wiacek
The creative heresy in audience measurement

Erwin Ephron, Joseph C. Philport
Advanced techniques in panel and server data

Richard W. Goosey
Radio?s ROI advantage

James Peacock, Mary Bennett
Measuring the effectiveness of mixed media campaigns

How it can be done and used to optimize performance

Arie den Boon, Suzanne M.A. Bruin, Theo J.F. van de Kamp
Television use by different generations of Internet

Paul van Niekerk, Marlies van Bergen
The effectiveness of customer satisfaction measurements

A Ford of Mexico case study

Leopold Zu??ga Hernandez, Angela Momney, Jorge Cherbosque
Expanding market research

Sergio Poblete Ortega
People insights at the fuzzy front of innovation

Lucile Rameckers, Stefanie Un
Food for thought

A cross-cultural ethnography of meals amongst Italians and Americans

Hy Mariampolski, Sharon Wolf, Luigi Toiati
Striking gold in the qualitative mine

Jem Wallis, Vanessa Briese

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