Handbook of Online and Social Media Research

Author(s): Ray Poynter
Date of publication: September 2010
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High praise for the first ever handbook to address the practical use of online and social media as a research tool.

A must read for:

  • Market Researchers who want to increase their knowledge and use of the internet and social media as a modality for their projects
  • Experts in online and social media research who want to compare their experience with an alternative view of best practice
  • Buyers of market research who want to expand their understanding of what can be offered and the implicit limitations in current market research methods

"The new bible for online research"
Daniel Alexander-Head, Vision Critical Australia

“ESOMAR is honoured to be associated with this important reference document, and we look forward to continuing to monitor the internet (r)evolution in partnership with Ray."
Finn Raben, ESOMAR Director General

Why is the book needed?

The use of the internet as a medium for market research is currently one of the most exciting and dynamically changing aspects of our industry. Despite the rapid growth in this area, there are few books that specifically explore best practice in conducting online market research and, in particular, that look at the use of social media in the online market research context.

The integration of social media into online research is a frequently discussed topic, regularly covered by conference papers, presentations and workshops. However, outside of such seminars there seems to be a shortage of accessible material for the everyday researcher. The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research aims to change that by taking market researchers beyond “conference-based” knowledge and providing them with a single, authoritative resource for best practice guidance in using the internet and social media.

Part 1 - Online Quantitative Survey Research
1. Overview of Online Quantitative Research
2. Web Survey Systems
3. Designing Online Surveys
4. Working with Panels and Databases
5. Running an Online Survey and Summary
Part 2- Qualitative Research
6. Overview of Online Qualitative Research
7. Online Focus Groups
8. Bulletin Board Groups and Parallel IDIs
9. Other Online Qualitative Methods & Summary of Online Qualitative Research
Part 3 – Social Media
10. Participatory Blogs as Research Tools
11. Online Research Communities / MROCs
12. Blog and Buzz Mining
13. Other Social Media Topics and Summary
Part 4 – Research Topics
14. Specialist Research Areas
15. Website Research
16. Research Techniques and Approaches
17. The Business of Market Research
Part 5 – Breaking News!
18. NewMR
19. Trends and Innovations
20. An Overview of Online and Social Media Research
Part 6 – Appendices
21. Glossary
22. Further Information
23. References
24. Acknowledgements

Read the book review "It's been worth the wait" by Richard Brookes, published in the Research World issue of September 2010.

Read the review

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