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  • Big Data World 2016

    A NEW ESOMAR Conference exploring the world of big data with a multi-dimensional approach: from business to marketing strategy, from technology to innovation, from software to artificial intelligen...
    Date of publication:18.11.2016

  • Global Qualitative 2016

    For thousands of years, stories have been the most powerful way for people to understand and communicate. The strongest stories have well-developed themes, engaging plots, memorable characters, wel...
    Date of publication:16.11.2016

  • Congress 2016

    In 2014 we asked what inspired you. In 2015 we invited you to define, discover and delight at the latest revelations from around the world. For our 69th international annual Congress in 2016 we con...
    Date of publication:22.09.2016

  • Asia Pacific 2016

    In 2016 ESOMAR invites the marketing, advertising and research community across the Asia Pacific region from Australasia, the Pacific Isles, to South-East, Central and Northern Asia to unite in Tok...
    Date of publication:19.05.2016

  • Latin America 2016

    Despite the financial global crisis, Latin America has lived through a decade of diligent financial resilience and steady social progress, but now it is at a crossroads. If the region is to preserv...
    Date of publication:04.2016

  • Global Qualitative 2015
    Date of publication:18.11.2015
  • Congress 2015
    Date of publication:01.10.2015
  • Asia Pacific 2015

    For the 16th edition of our annual marketing and research Asia Pacific event the focus is on the business value of insights with a sharp lens on THE NEW.

    Held in Singapore, ranked #1 by the...
    Date of publication:19.05.2015

  • Latin America 2015

    Latin America has become a business hub where creativity and innovation collides! Join us in Sao Paulo, a bubbling metropolis with the largest economy by GDP in Latin America and Southern Hemispher...
    Date of publication:28.04.2015

  • Global Qualitative 2014

    Global Qualitative conference, Research Renaissance, will allow you to seize the opportunity to connect with, learn from and make memories with international research specialists, business strategi...
    Date of publication:18.11.2014

  • B2B Forum 2014

    Change is engulfing the world of B2B marketing driven by new technology, globalization, new communications and distribution channels...

    Date of publication:14.10.2014
  • Congress 2014

    Congress 2014 was held in Nice, France with the theme of “What Inspires?” To inspire you we added new perspectives and options. Papers include case studies on “extreme consumers&r...
    Date of publication:10.09.2014

  • Digital Dimensions 2014

    Digital Dimensions 2014 brings you the very best in peer reviewed papers from the world of digital research, and provides you with the opportunity to connect with more than 200 senior researchers f...
    Date of publication:17.06.2014

  • Asia Pacific 2014

    Celebrating Asian Creativity, focusing on the uniqueness of Asia and how research can inspire local innovation to drive long-term prosperity across markets, economies and industries...

    Date of publication:13.05.2014
  • Latin America 2014

    How can market research contribute to continue the region’s accelerate growth? And what is the role of the researcher in this newly defined business landscape?

    Join us in Buenos Aires...
    Date of publication:04.04.2014

  • CEE Research Forum 2014

    The growth prospects of Central and Eastern Europe’s major economies have improved in recent months thanks to domestic policies and economic stabilization in the European Union. "The ou...
    Date of publication:24.03.2014

  • Qualitative 2013

    The pressure for brands to engage with consumers in smarter ways has led to a wave of new methodologies being voiced every 5 minutes, often without a clear link to the added value for clients or a ...
    Date of publication:20.11.2013

  • Congress 2013

    Market and social research is at a cross roads – while old methods are still with us, new methods are appearing almost daily, as the internet and mobiles become more pervasive and more data i...
    Date of publication:25.09.2013

  • 3D Digital Dimensions 2013

    The business landscape is being shaped by digital technologies and big data like never before. The sheer magnitude of data being produced is staggering and market research plays an essential role d...
    Date of publication:23.06.2013

  • Automotive Research Forum 2013

    The automotive industry is evolving faster than ever before. With increasing competition, media fragmentation and snowballing pressure to develop greener vehicles and new mobility solutions, tradit...
    Date of publication:24.05.2013

  • Asia Pacific 2013

    Asia Pacific presents an anchor of stability and new pillar of growth for the global economy. While the severity of the financial crisis in the Western hemisphere has created headwinds, Asia Pacifi...
    Date of publication:07.04.2013

  • CEE Research Forum 2013

    The Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region is comprised of countries, which boast potential for growth and transformation despite a troubled Eurozone economy. With new developments and business of...
    Date of publication:17.03.2013

  • Qualitative 2012
    Informing strategic decision making and action

    We all know that uncertainty has shaken the world. Against this backdrop, organisations need to make big decisions to stabilise their futures; futures that are inexplicably linked to the quality an...
    Date of publication:08.11.2012

  • 3D Digital Dimensions 2012
    (Online + Social Media + Mobile) Research

    Digital technologies are revolutionising business and shaping a new society. Market research plays an essential role in discovering how these new tools are changing the way people interact with eac...
    Date of publication:06.11.2012

  • Congress 2012
    Accelerating Excellence
    Celebrating 65 Years And Beyond

    Congress 2012 marks ESOMAR’s 65th anniversary – a milestone that calls for celebrating our industry’s global achievements to date and more importantly, for painting a vibrant and ...
    Date of publication:13.09.2012

  • Latin America 2012
    Uncovering opportunities

    Opportunities are abound in Latin America with a growing middle class, consumption rising, and investments pouring in.* However, huge challenges remain and many of the social and economic structure...
    Date of publication:16.05.2012

  • Asia Pacific 2012
    Asia Kaleidoscope

    There is an increasing interest and urgency in home-grown innovation throughout Asia. Global companies are establishing R&D centres in China while innovation on a regional level is also blossom...
    Date of publication:17.04.2012

  • CEE research Forum 2012
    Global fuel for local boost!

    Research in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is flourishing as companies from around the world look to the region for new business opportunities. These countries are experiencing rapid growth in ma...
    Date of publication:26.03.2012

  • Qualitative 2011
    Embrace, inspire and celebrate!

    The qualitative professional is by nature curious and always striving to find new angles to human truths and it is because of this that qualitative research has an opportunity to be the change agen...
    Date of publication:13.11.2011

  • 3D Digital Dimensions 2011
    (Online + Social Media + Mobile) Research

    In this newly defined social economy we are in the middle of a revolution in market research that is creating remarkable changes in how we interact with consumers and clients. This revolution is be...
    Date of publication:26.10.2011

  • Congress 2011
    Impact - Research Reloaded

    Why does IMPACT matter? Is Market Research effective?

    The value and profitability of any product or service and the impact of it in the marketplace depends on the decisions driven by effec...
    Date of publication:18.09.2011

  • Asia Pacific 2011
    Increasing value through simplicity

    The Asia-Pacific region is far more culturally and socially diverse than any other region in the world and despite the challenges posed from meeting such varying needs, it is a region that has cons...
    Date of publication:20.03.2011

  • Insights 2011
    A New World Order In Shopper Marketing

    Companies face a new world order in shopper marketing as consumers have evolved following the recent recession. The global financial turmoil caused a profound change in shopping behaviour: motivati...
    Date of publication:01.03.2011

  • Qualitative 2010
    Foresight on moods and thoughts

    We live in a time when cultures and technologies are converging more rapidly than ever...when insights are experiencing a shorter shelf life and markets themselves are segmenting into even more nic...
    Date of publication:18.11.2010

  • Innovate 2010
    Innovation Detonation

    Everyone talks about the need for innovation, but does anyone ever talk about HOW to innovate? Although innovation strategies and theories are widely discussed – it seems the actual “ho...
    Date of publication:16.11.2010

  • WM3 2010 - Your audience = media consumer + generator

    How are medium, message and sender affecting advertisers and agencies?

    Advertisers stimulate consumers to mash-up and re-purpose content provided in campaigns but consumers are not always ...
    Date of publication:21.10.2010

  • Online Research 2010
    E-Universe: The Power of Listening

    Advances in social media, the empowerment of everyday consumers, and the need for more actionable insights create exciting possibilities and also a mandate to do more, faster. In this information...
    Date of publication:19.10.2010

  • Congress Odyssey 2010
    The changing face of market research

    The move from transactional to relational research is at the forefront of change in the Market Research industry.

    Technological advancements, societal changes and the current economic ...
    Date of publication:15.09.2010

  • Latin America 2010
    The innovation journey

    Latin America is one of the less affected regions by the 2009 recession. The World Economic Forum stated that the region is in a better position than ever to deal with the socio-economic impact of ...
    Date of publication:21.05.2010

  • Asia Pacific 2010

    There is a widespread sense that we have talked for 20 years about Asia as representing the future. Now the global economy has positioned Asia as a driving force of the world economic recovery. A...
    Date of publication:20.04.2010

  • Global Healthcare 2010

    The Global Healthcare sector has historically been fairly resilient to recessions, but it is not ‘recession proof’. The long-term prospects for the sector are good, as strong growth in ...
    Date of publication:03.03.2010

  • Qualitative 2009

    As mankind evolves, human behaviour becomes increasingly complex and layered. In this changing environment researchers continue to seek new ways of examining the essence of modern man’s life....
    Date of publication:19-11-2009

  • Online Research 2009

    Web 2.0 platforms, social networks, online communities and mobile research are rapidly entering the marketing research landscape with innovative digital approaches mushrooming daily. Online Panels ...
    Date of publication:29-10-2009

  • Congress 2009 - Leading the way ethically, responsibly, creatively

    The economy is uncertain, marketing budgets are tight, competition is tougher than ever and public trust is fading. Focus is needed on navigating during uncertain times and leading the way. In econ...
    Date of publication:15.09.2009

  • Fragrance 2009

    Why setting, spotting and following global trends has become an imperative for the Fragrance business? Are fragrances fully integrated into consumers’ needs and wants or do fragrances still n...
    Date of publication:20090626

  • WM3 2009

    The profound impact of new technologies and digital media on people and society is a real challenge for advertisers when it comes to allocating their media spend. Marketers are embracing this chang...
    Date of publication:07.05.09

  • Asia Pacific 2009 - Competing on a World Stage

    Asia is a mosaic of old and new, rich and poor, simple and complicated, artificial and natural, east and west and so much more. It has a young spirit with enough energy to produce innovative new ap...
    Date of publication:07.04.2009

  • Retail and Shopper 2009 - The Voice of the Shopper
    In recent times retailers have been expanding their geographical reach and adapting their business strategy to cater to new shopper profiles. Retail and Shopper 2009 explores how market research can h...
    Date of publication:04.03.2009
  • Consumer Insights 2009 - The Pragmatic Approach
    With a changing research landscape there is an ever increasing demand from the ‘client side’ to go well beyond the delivery of pure research findings. The answer to this is to provide far ...
    Date of publication:11.02.2009
  • Qualitative 2008 - Getting Intimate
    In a world where individuality, independence and autonomy are often celebrated, a deep-rooted sense of belonging draws together people to work, play and live in real or virtual communities. The ESOM...
    Date of publication:19.11.2008
  • Panel Research 2008 - The Wider Business Spectrum
    The research industry as a whole is at the edge of a new era where clients and providers are looking for partnerships to invest in the future of business. At the same time, facts are showing us that a...
    Date of publication:24.10.2008
  • Congress 2008 - FRONTIERS


    The world is transforming. Each new day presents unexplored terrain and uncharted frontiers. Venturing into these new spaces can be daunting but with knowled...
    Date of publication:26.09.2008

  • Innovate 2008 - The pressure is on
    In today’s competitive battlefield, innovation is no longer an option…

    Brands, organisations, categories, individuals, everyone is looking for the next best thing. Innovation is on t...
    Date of publication:16.06.2008
  • WM3 2008 - Worldwide Multi Media Measurement
    The global media landscape is rapidly changing. New technologies and digital media are having a profound impact on the way people are entertained, interact, stay informed and communicate.

    Date of publication:01.06.2008
  • Latin America 2008 - Shifting Paradigm
    Latin America has one of the fastest growing research sectors in the world and is becoming a protagonist in the centre of the globalisation process. Along with China and India it is set to keep on gro...
    Date of publication:13.05.2008
  • Asia Pacific 2008
    The global balance of power and influence is shifting decisively to Asia Pacific. Forecasters suggest that, within decades, the region will become the world’s domi...
    Date of publication:09.04.2008
  • Automotive 2008
    Despite consumers’ undeniable love affairs with their cars, many in the industry have been left reeling in the face of the uncertainty created by growing demands for environmentally responsible ...
    Date of publication:03.03.2008
  • Global Healthcare 2008 - Consumer Choice
    Consumers in the 21st century demand a holistic approach to health and well-being. They not only make informed choices when it comes to healthcare and pharmaceutical purchases, they actively take me...
    Date of publication:06.02.2008
  • Fragrance 2007
    FRAGRANCE 2007 focuses on the challenge for marketers to define, measure and evaluate the role of fragrance in the sensory-emotive experience of the brand. When brands are so often defined by the way ...
    Date of publication:14.11.2007
  • Qualitative 2007
    QUALITATIVE 2007 takes a look at the mix of the old, the new and the hybrid and explores the way that Qualitative Research is moving well into the 21st century. Long gone are the days when qualitative...
    Date of publication:12.11.2007
  • Panel Research 2007 - Good quality, good business
    PANEL RESEARCH 2007 drives forward the debate on quality. We also look at the opportunities that the newest and most innovative applications provide for business solutions. As the Online Panel Researc...
    Date of publication:28.10.2007
  • Congress 2007 - Excellence Celebrating 60 years

    2007 marks ESOMAR’s 60th Anniversary and throughout the year we aim to present a platform of events, discussions and WM3 2007 - Content and Connectivity
    WM3 2007 (Worldwide Multi Media Measurement) sets out to reconcile the realities of silo based audience measurements with the ever growing demands for a consumer centric vision of cross media consumpt...
    Date of publication:03.06.2007

  • Consumer Insights 2007
    Real Business Value

    CONSUMER INSIGHTS 2007 disentangles true insight champions and methodologies from the 'wannabes'. We’re taking a critical look at what constitutes an insight, how you get there and what you do n...
    Date of publication:07.05.2007
  • Asia Pacific 2007 - New Realities
    The fastest growing region in the world with billions of consumers, Asia Pacific offers both significant opportunities and challenges.

    Asia Pacific is a vast region with a growing middle cl...
    Date of publication:12.03.2007
  • Retail 2007
    Retail 2007...
    Date of publication:19.02.2007
  • Innovate 2006
    INNOVATE 2006 is the hub for progressive thinking and advanced applications of research to business. We explore innovation culture, innovative methodologies and techniques and the innovation of proces...
    Date of publication:10.05.2006
  • Telecom 2006

    Products, ideas and technology seem to undergo a revolution every 6 months with better, faster and more advanced techniques and usage flooding the market place. Where do consumers’ needs come...
    Date of publication:08.10.2006

  • Panel research 2006
    Panel research continues to grow and receive the lion’s share of budgets. With the expansion of online, questions of quality, integrity, respondent experience and panel ...
    Date of publication:27.11.2006
  • Leisure 2006
    LEISURE 2006 focuses on customisation and the total leisure experience.

    Sessions are dedicated to discovering, building and managing the whole customer journey and exploring the role that r...
    Date of publication:08.10.2006
  • Latin America 2006 - Seizing Opportunities
    Resurging from an economic down cycle, the whole Latin American region sees a fresh chance for growth. Our aim in Rio de Janeiro is to dive deeper into the topics that confront all market researchers ...
    Date of publication:27.10.2006
  • Qualitative 2006
    At this annual gathering of worldwide qualitative researchers, we analyse, debate and explore how the qualitative core of discovery and curiosity can be best used to inspire clients; what is the most ...
    Date of publication:08.10.06
  • Congress 2006 - Foresight - The Predictive Power of Research

    CONGRESS 2006 - FORESIGHT - The predictive power of research.What, why, when? Can research really predict what matters to people and help business and government get it right?
    Congress 2006 fo...
    Date of publication:17.09.2006

  • WM3 - Worldwide Multi Media Measurement 2006
    WM3 - Worldwide Multi Media Measurement 2006

    If you think consumers come first, you need to find out how they think, behave, and why. Media measurement needs to focus more on a consumer ce...
    Date of publication:17.09.2006
  • Global Diversity 2006
    This GLOBAL DIVERSITY 2006 conference focuses on opportunities in multi-cultural markets. Understanding global diversity is a key trend for organizations because of the large immature markets in emerg...
    Date of publication:08.05.06
  • Asia Pacific Conference 2006
    Asian brands with global ambitions. Changing demographics and consumer behaviour. Multi-nationals and the response of Asian business. We explore how the market research industry is moving with the tim...
    Date of publication:19.03.2006
  • Automotive 2006
    In AUTOMOTIVE 2006 some of the subjects are overcapacity, stagnating demand and sharp shifts in consumer preference. Driven by competition for the global customer, manufacturers are eager to re-positi...
    Date of publication:27.02.2006
  • Brandmatters 2006
    Brandmatters 2006 is a direct response to the growing complexities surrounding branding and brand building in the 21st century. Our objective is to help brands find consumers, hold their attention and...
    Date of publication:08.02.2006
  • Global Healthcare 2006
    HEALTHCARE 2006  The new health consumer is healthier, wealthier and better informed. How has this impacted the pharmaceutical industry and the way doctors and healthcare professionals deal with ...
    Date of publication:06.02.2006
  • Consumer Insights 2005
    CONSUMER INSIGHTS 2005 steps beyond the comfort zone of looking back at what has already happened. It challenges researchers to become true insight champions and allow consumer understanding to b...
    Date of publication:15.11.2005
  • Qualitative 2005
    QUALITATIVE 2005 explores the latest approaches being used today over and above traditional focus groups and in-depth interviews. In creative and interactive sessions, we discuss the new skills requir...
    Date of publication:13.11.2005
  • Latin American Conference 2005 - Leveraging Cunsumer Understanding
    LATIN AMERICAN CONFERENCE 2005.Our focus in Buenos Aires is the consumer. We explore how changing market dynamics and the emergence of new segments affect the way we need to reach consumers and respon...
    Date of publication:23.10.2005
  • Congress 2005 - Making a Difference. The impact of powerful research.

    The ESOMAR CONGRESS 2005 - 'Making a Difference. The impact of powerful research.' takes as its overall theme 'MAKING THE DIFFERENCE' and explores the true value of Market Research as a strategic, ...
    Date of publication:21.09.2005

  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2005 - Cross Media and Television
    no abstract...
    Date of publication:23.06.2005
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2005 - Television
    no abstract...
    Date of publication:23.06.2005
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2005 - Cross Media
    no abstract
    Date of publication:22.06.2005
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2005 - Radio and Branded Entertainment & Sponsorship
    WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2005 - Radio and Branded Entertainment & Sponsorship....
    Date of publication:21.06.2005
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2005 - Online and Outdoor / Out-of-Home
    WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2005 - Online and Outdoor / Out-of-Home....
    Date of publication:20.06.2005
  • Fragrance Research 2005 - Unlocking the sensory experience
    Date of publication:15.05.2005
  • Retailing Industry Conference 2005 - Store Wars
    Retailing Industry Conference 2005 - Store Wars....
    Date of publication:19.04.2005
  • Worldwide Panel Research Conference 2005 - Developments and Progress
    Worldwide Panel Research Conference 2005 - Developments and Progress....
    Date of publication:17.04.2005
  • Asia Pacific Conference 2005
    Integrating consumer insights into decision-making

    Asia Pacific Conference 2005

    Asia Pacific is booming. Increasing wealth, access to branded goods and services and ever sharper competition continue to shape and raise consumer expectations....
    Date of publication:13.03.2005
  • Digital Futures 2005
    The connected consumer

    Digital Futures 2005. The connected consumer....
    Date of publication:01.03.2005
  • Innovate 2005 - The best in innovation from around the world
    Innovation is a driving force for market research, and the industry has experienced a period of unprecedented technological change. But, innovation is much more than technological change. To realise t...
    Date of publication:27.02.2005
  • Financial Services 2005 - Getting closer to customers

    It is very appropriate that a principal focus of the February 2005 ESOMAR Financial Services Conference in London is on the customer. Obtaining a better understandi...
    Date of publication:01.02.2005
  • Age Matters 2005 - Interpreting needs, developing strategies
    AGE MATTERS 2005

    Accurately defining a target audience is a marketer's first step towards building a successful business, brand, and communications plan. Age segmentation is the natural fi...
    Date of publication:30.01.2005
  • Worldwide Qualitative Research 2004 - Crossing boundaries, breaking barriers
    It can sometimes seem that researchers' most ardent desire is to bring order to the world. Consumers are segmented, summarized and targeted. Their behaviour is observed, their attitudes are checked ag...
    Date of publication:28.11.2004
  • Telecommunications Marketing 2004 - Navigating the dynamic global landscape
    Telecommunications Marketing 2004

    The slowdown of recent years has placed added obstacles on the path to
    profit and competitive advantage, while growing maturity in mobile phones and t...
    Date of publication:07.11.2004
  • Latin American Conference 2004
    Conference of the Americas. Integrating diversity across the continent

    Latin American Conference 2004

    The 9th ESOMAR Latin American Conference will help to strengthen the
    region’s ties with the rest of the continent by opening the doors to all key p...
    Date of publication:24.10.2004
  • Marketing 2004 - Where Science meets Practice
    This joint ESOMAR-EMAC conference addresses a very relevant issue for all of us: the gap between marketing research and practice. We see that academics are developing methods that are not applied, and...
    Date of publication:10.10.2004
  • Congress 2004 - Integrating Marketing Research in Business. From Managing Data to Generating Decisions

    Congress 2004 - Integrating Marketing Research in Business. From Managing Data to Generating Decisions

    Market research plays a key role in supporting business decision-making, but what a...
    Date of publication:19.09.2004

  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2004 - Television
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:18.06.2004
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2004 - Radio
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:17.06.2004
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2004 - Cross Media
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:16.06.2004
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2004 - Print
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:15.06.2004
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2004 - Online and Outdoor / Out-of-home
    WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2004...
    Date of publication:14.06.2004
  • Responsible Marketing 2004 - Sustainability, quality of life and commercial success
    Responsible Marketing 2004

    The move towards sustainability is not just a fashionable trend; it is
    emerging as a key responsibility for business and society and as a
    compelling bus...
    Date of publication:11.05.2004
  • Public Sector Social Research 2004 - Connecting policy makers and the people
    The citizen focus

    The public sector is focusing on enhanced service delivery, providing value for money, ensuring accountability and understanding the differences between citizen expectations and public sector performa...
    Date of publication:09.05.2004
  • Excellence in Consumer Insights 2004 - Empowering business growth
    Excellence in Consumer Insights 2004

    ESOMAR’s 2nd Excellence in Consumer Insights conference will include one of the main issues surrounding consumer insight - how to bring it to the ...
    Date of publication:18.04.2004
  • Asia Pacific Conference 2004 - Ready to play: Asia as a centre of global growth
    Asia pacific 2004

    Asia Pacific host two thirds of the world’s population. Despite the current global slowdown, almost all Asian countries are now expecting positive growth in the year...
    Date of publication:28.03.2004
  • Automotive Marketing 2004
    Automotive Marketing 2004

    The automotive industry is now experiencing one of its greatest times of change. Customers are now firmly in the driver’s seat, bureaucrats are determining t...
    Date of publication:01.03.2004
  • Global Healthcare 4 (2004)
    Global Healthcare 2004

    During 2003 the Global Healthcare Industry remained steady despite the
    global economic and political unrest and social anxieties about
    bioterrorism and epid...
    Date of publication:22.02.2004
  • Technovate 2 (2004)
    Technovate 2 (2004)

    A wide range of innovative marketing research technologies are now being deployed to generate insight and help businesses succeed. These
    technologies are actively h...
    Date of publication:01.02.2004
  • Global Cross-Industry Forum 2003
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:03.12.2003
  • Worldwide Qualitative Research 2003 - Marketing demands, qualitative insights
    It is a truism that the only constant in the world is constant change. This is no less true, and perhaps even truer, in the fast moving world of marketing, and to live up to the demands and increasing...
    Date of publication:05.11.2003
  • Retailing/Category Management 2003 - Linking Consumer Insights to in-store implementation
    Shopping opportunities have expanded considerably. To gain a competitive advantage, retailers and manufacturers must look to new techniques and research methods to better understand consumer behaviour...
    Date of publication:26.10.2003
  • Congress 2003 - Management, Accountability and Research. The Quest for the Objective Truth

    My philosophy lessons during high school were a bit boring. The 'summer of '69' was by far too occupying for a youngster like me to develop an interest in Kant or Hegel. But one message of the Empi...
    Date of publication:14.09.2003

  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2003 - Online and Out-of-Home / Ambient Media
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:20.06.2003
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2003 - Print
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:19.06.2003
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2003 - Media Mix
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:18.06.2003
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2003 - Television
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:17.06.2003
  • WAM - Worldwide Audience Measurement 2003 - Radio
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:16.06.2003
  • Excellence in Consumer Insights 2003 - Solving the insight puzzle
    Everyone used to be called market researchers, and some still are. Many have taken on new names, if not new roles: Consumer Insight on the client side, and Marketing Consulting or Research Consultancy...
    Date of publication:30.03.2003
  • Latin American Conference 2003 - One market, several countries
    Sometime ago someone said to us, I believe quoting Milan Kundera in one of his novels, that reporters have discovered that the interview, rather than a method of investigating and understanding realit...
    Date of publication:04.05.2003
  • Fragrance Research 2003 - From consumer insights to winning fragrances
    The last time that market researchers from the fragrance industry came together for an ESOMAR seminar was in Amsterdam in 1996. Quite a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, and in part...
    Date of publication:16.03.2003
  • Global Healthcare 3 (2003)
    Targeting to win. The challenge in the global healthcare industries

    The global healthcare industries serve billions of people across the globe, resulting in huge economies of scale and mass marketing opportunities. To reach these people and build customer relations, w...
    Date of publication:23.02.2003
  • Technovate 2003 - Internet Research and New Media
    The role of technology and innovation within the Marketing Research industry has changed considerably over the last decade. The Internet alone warranted several years of attention as it transformed re...
    Date of publication:26.01.2003
  • Asia Pacific Conference 2002 - Facing up to the globalisation movement
    In facing the new challenges of global branding and retailing, it is common sense to admit that the marketing research world has to make its revolution. A few key trends appearing in our world, such a...
    Date of publication:01.12.2002
  • Qualitative Ascending 2002 - Harnessing its true value
    Signaling a shift in clients' marketing research objectives, qualitative MR is moving away from the goal of understanding customers to getting to know them intimately. Reflecting this trend, 'Qualitat...
    Date of publication:10.11.2002
  • Telecommunications Marketing 2002 - Gathering pace after re-positioning
    2002 has been another terrible year for the telecommunications industry, after 2001, and there is no relief yet in sight. The bankruptcies and near-bankruptcies multiply, capital spending by network o...
    Date of publication:20.10.2002
  • Congress 2002 - Consolidation or Renewal? From research to customer insight
    The question - Consolidation or Renewal? - which underlies the theme of the ESOMAR Congress 2002 is a pointer to one of those issues with which the world of marketing research must constantly grapple....
    Date of publication:22.09.2002
  • WAM - Week of Audience Measurement 2002 - Radio
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:14.06.2002
  • WAM - Week of Audience Measurement 2002 - Print
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:13.06.2002
  • WAM - Week of Audience Measurement 2002 - Online
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:12.06.2002
  • WAM - Week of Audience Measurement 2002 - Television
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:10.06.2002
  • Latin American Conference 2002 - The emergence of a single market
    Latin America continues to be a continent of possibilities. This assertion may sound striking or even contradictory, considering international press headlines that announce a civil war in Colombia, so...
    Date of publication:12.05.2002
  • CRM 2002 - Customer Relationship Management. An analytical and operational integration
    There was a time, they say, in some long past golden age, when business was all about personal service. Shopkeepers knew each customer's preferences, bank managers were confidantes who proactively man...
    Date of publication:17.03.2002
  • Automotive Marketing 2002
    Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of the Brand and its importance in marketing and consumer choice. While product differentiation remains, the historical differentiators for car buyers ar...
    Date of publication:04.03.2002
  • Global Healthcare 2 (2002)
    Focus on the future. Empowering the role of marketing intelligence

    In the year 2022 the disruptive and structural changes now faced by the health care sector will be history and today's business models will be obsolete. However, it is not yet 2022, and we do not know...
    Date of publication:17.02.2002
  • Net Effects 5 (2002)
    Over the last four years, each of ESOMAR's annual Net Effects conferences has provided a snapshot of the issues and concerns facing the industry at the time. With the joy of 20-20 hindsight, we have s...
    Date of publication:03.02.2002
  • Qualitative 2001 - The Business Value of Emotional Intelligence
    In an increasingly uncertain world, the marketer needs to address his audience in a way which is meaningful and which stands out from the proliferation of other messages competing for attention in a c...
    Date of publication:28.10.2001
  • Congress 2001 - Marketing Transformation. Research for the bottom line
    It was Charles Darwin who reminded us that those who are most likely to survive will not necessarily be the fittest and/or the strongest, but those who are most able to adapt to change. And in this ES...
    Date of publication:23.09.2001
  • Worldwide Online Measurement Conference & Exhibition 2001

    A lot has happened in the last year. The online world has fallen into a savage recession as a sense of reality began to return to the market and private investor confidence evaporated. The resultin...
    Date of publication:26.06.2001

  • Worldwide Radio Conference & Exhibition 2001
    Radio is constantly expanding. There are many new outlets for this expansion ? the commercialisation of radio, shifting from the old public service scenario; the growing trend of localisation and regi...
    Date of publication:24.06.2001
  • Latin American Conference 2001 - New economy, new marketing, new research
    All papers in English, some are also translated in Spanish or Portuguese.

    This ESOMAR 6th Latin American Marketing Research Conference has been convened under the heading of ?N...
    Date of publication:06.05.2001
  • Global Healthcare 1 (2001) - Changes in competitive dynamics
    When ESOMAR organized the first of the bi-annual pharmaceutical marketing research seminars back in 1970, the focus was on 'country' marketing and marketing research. In the second seminar the focus w...
    Date of publication:01.04.2001
  • Net Effects 4 (2001) - Worldwide internet conference and exhibition
    It was during last year?s highly successful Net Effects3 conference in Dublin that we witnessed the first signs of the end of the hype and optimism about the internet. The ensuing year turned out to b...
    Date of publication:11.02.2001
  • Print Brands 2001 - Maximising their value in the multi-media age
    Many magazine and newspaper publishing companies are speedily evolving from print-based to multi-media companies, placing the brand at the centre of an ever-expanding array of extensions. Print brands...
    Date of publication:28.01.2001
  • Asia Pacific Conference 2000 - Redefining Business in Asia Pacific
    We have now passed the third anniversary of the Asian crisis and while there are some analysts who are predicting another round of problems, the general sentiment appears to be positive in that our ec...
    Date of publication:01.11.2000
  • Telecommunications Marketing 2000 - Migration into a New eService World?
    As man moved from the invention of the wheel to the industrial revolution, so the communications revolution today will dramatically alter the way of life for billions in the 'communicated world'. This...
    Date of publication:01.10.2000
  • Congress 2000 - The Impact of Networking
    The ESOMAR Congress 2000 deals with networking and its impact on business and society. The first question that comes to my mind is: 'What is networking?' A lot of people to whom I posed this question ...
    Date of publication:01.09.2000
  • Ethnic Marketing Conference 2000
    Where the Boundaries are not the Borders

    'The pace of change is accelerating and has been since the inception of invention. The result will be far greater transformations in the first two decades of the 21st century than we saw in the en...
    Date of publication:02.07.2000
  • Worldwide Electronic and Broadcast Audience Research Conference 2000
    No abstract available. ...
    Date of publication:07.05.2000
  • Net Effects 3 (2000) - The Worldwide Internet Conference
    So you want to know how online consumers feel about your product. You go to the web, select your questions from an online library, specify your sample, pull out your credit card and charge it. Answers...
    Date of publication:10.04.2000
  • Automotive Marketing 2000
    Reinventing Marketing
    Why All Companies Should be Learning Organisations

    Basic marketing issues keep cropping up in a surprisingly wide range of business decision points among car ma...
    Date of publication:28.02.2000
    The ESOMAR Excellence Award, which is presented each year at ESOMAR’s annual Congress, is given to the best paper from ESOMAR conferences throughout the year that best reflects the broad aspec...
    Date of publication:22.06.2010
    This jury selected shortlist of 20 papers has been chosen from the 190 papers presented at ESOMAR events in 2007/2008. They were selected for demonstrating improved decision-making in business while a...
    Date of publication:2008.08.12
    From September 2008 - September 2009 the programme committees from each of the ESOMAR events chose a short list of 1 or 2 of the best papers submitted. An international jury then judged all of the pap...
    Date of publication:18.09.2009

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