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ESOMAR's Research Papers are conference white papers from world's leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals.

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Internet Banking Design

Since November 2015, ING Bank in Poland has been offering a new Internet banking system, which (according to customers) is simple, intuitive and mobile friendly, and which supports the management of...


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment, has quickly...


Data Gumbo

We are in an amazing time for research practitioners. Not only do we have access to incredibly rich big data but also high quality, low-cost research. Yet linking the consumer behaviour in big data...



In a typical segmentation study, segments are identified that differ in terms of their needs, attitudes or behaviours. However, these segments rarely differ on demographic or firmographic variables...


The Inspiration Ecosystem

Unilever wished to invest in Comfort, the flagship fabric conditioner brand, to build a strong fragrance property. Ipsos UU partnered with Unilever on a unique NextGen Qual pilot that helped...


Hurry Up! And Wait! The Road to Research Impact

ESOMAR’s Director General Finn Raben has rightly pointed out the absolute critical role of client-side researchers in determining the future of our industry. Yet, how well do major corporations...


Taste the Feeling of a New Brand Tracking Ecosystem

Is Coca-Cola truly prepared to lift the hood and let the rest of the industry take-a-look at their crown jewel? Sounds hard to believe, but yes they are! You will hear the story of how Coke upgraded...


Clipboards, Calls and Focus Groupies

The industry view of the public perception of the market research industry often comprises of people standing around in shopping centre's with clipboards. As the gap between brand and consumer has...


The New Norm for Understanding Retail Behaviour of Mobile-Centric Consumers

The marketing buzz about mobile-first is driven by the change mobile devices created with consumers, disrupting the rules of engagement. Marketers are challenged with testing new tactics & finding...


Digital Assistants – A Brand’s Best Friend?

Large internet companies are putting an awful amount of effort into building or improving Digital Assistants (DA). We are still at a nascent stage with this technology, however it is clear that...

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