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ESOMAR's Research Papers are conference white papers from world's leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals.

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Moving Boldly into the Future

Groundbreaking new agile research technology is allowing companies to conduct customer experience research up to 15-times faster, in just days or hours versus weeks or months, to drive much faster...


100 Days in our Energy

Having redefined its values, YPF, the national energy provider of Argentina had to create a brand architecture coherent with its long history.
 BMC and its research through qualitative methods...


Social Media Research & B2B Audiences

It is argued that Social Media (SM) based research gets closer to real people and that conversations are more honest/transparent than those generated via the old regime of surveys/ focus groups - it's...


Comparing Apples to Pommes

B2B organisations are increasingly challenged with reaching a global and diverse target audience. In order for insights to be actionable across borders, researchers and marketers should be aware of...


Why Do I Still Come To Work?

Years ago, people mostly stumbled into a career in marketing research by accident. Some thrived and persisted, while others did not. For those who remained, what was the secret to happiness in the...


In Search of Hope

This paper is a quest to uncover the hidden and inspire the fallen to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Preriit Souda (ESOMAR Young Researcher winner 2011) and Rajna Rajan (ESOMAR Young Researcher...


Y Market Research

We GenYers are allegedly bored, narcissistic, forever typing away at our smartphones – and always wanting to know why we should be doing something. And there’s qualitative market research....


Mobile Research Goes to the Game

Imagine you are a sponsor of what is arguably the greatest rivalry in Australian sport, the State of Origin. You spend millions on ensuring your logo is visible - on the team jumpers, on the stadium...


Newsflash: Reaching Asia’s High Income Earners

This is a global research focusing on mobile news consumption amongst affluent/B2B news consumers. The content can be tailor made to focus on Asia (we survey 3 Asian countries: Singapore, Australia...


Leadership Imperative

Latin America is economically thriving, however the region misses a conceptual framework to organise business in the new economy. With a consumer confidence crisis eroding institutions and, and the...

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