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ESOMAR's Research Papers are conference white papers from world's leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals.

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Face to Face but not Eye to Eye

The respondent of yesterday answered the phone, gave their time, and we were grateful. Today’s panellist is paid for their views and we often mistrust their motives and data. What of...


The Quest to Design the Perfect Icon

What do you see in a primitive Stone Age cave? What do you see in the top right corner of your browser? What do you see in your quarterly presentations? They are not words but paintings, icons, and...


Combining big data and mobile market research best practices

Combining both Big Data from the terabytes of browsing logs and mobile market research via mobile feature phones, Nokia’s consumer analytics has assembled an unprecedented view of browsing...

September 2013

A 4-Dimensional View of the Digitally Engaged Consumer

The evolution of technology has fundamentally shifted the position of the consumer. It’s no longer about marketers talking at customers, but rather about customers choosing how and when to...

September 2013

Measuring Up

It’s been said that goldfish have an attention span of only a few seconds and that human beings are swiftly swimming down the same path. For market researchers, this trend must be addressed from...

June 2013

Mobilizing your Branded Panel

Multi-modal surveys with a smartphone option are quickly becoming a necessity for proprietary consumer-facing panels. Mobile presents the opportunity to reach and engage more and better panelists, and...


Understanding the Complexity of Varied Devices for Taking Surveys

What happens when different devices are used to access and complete online surveys is examined in this presentation. as smart phones and tablets become increasingly popular, respondents are attempting...


The Kids Are Alright!

Family fusion, cohesion and roles have changed rapidly in recent times, unlike previous generations, decision making within families across a wide range of issues and brand purchase is almost entirely...


Mobile - The Future of Marketing in Asia Pacific

Once online, digital becomes the medium relied upon most. In Asia Pacific, the future of digital is very much mobile, although this role in consumers’ lives is changing. The presentation is...


Bringing Mobile to Real Research

Mobile phones are now so deeply embedded into our social lives that it is almost impossible for us to clearly distinguish our mobile media usage from any other media usage in our everyday lives. This...

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