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ESOMAR's Research Papers are conference white papers from world's leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals.

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The Power is in the Mix

Recent insight generation work we conducted in our own industry has demonstrated that survey research needs to change drastically. We need to become more agile, smarter and more in line with today's...


The New Norm for Understanding Retail Behaviour of Mobile-Centric Consumers

The marketing buzz about mobile-first is driven by the change mobile devices created with consumers, disrupting the rules of engagement. Marketers are challenged with testing new tactics & finding...


The Potential Power of Digital Creative

While digital media spend continues to grow exponentially, particularly in video and mobile platforms, creative is generally an after-thought when marketers are planning a digital campaign. While the...


From Ground Up (to the Sky)

Imagine that you can see everything from the sky, imagine that you can track all the movements of the people in each city, imagine you crunch all the numbers, think how many decisions would help this...


Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising

Consumers are not necessarily interested in most brands or ads. Usually they do not have time to reflect on what the ad means for them and the brand. This means that it is necessary to understand the...


The Truth is Out There

In recent years thinking from social psychology and behavioural economics has permeated market research. They have laid down a challenge to research by emphasising the importance of understanding how...


Chinese Gen Y: The Generation of Opportunities

This paper offers the key findings from a study done on Generation Y (born 1980 to 1990) in China, providing a close look at these new Chinese super consumers that shape the presence and the future of...


Authentic Amplification or Echo Chamber?

It's not an 'attention economy' we live in, it's an 'engagement economy'. Engagement is what leads to impact on brand perceptions, yet most brands are still aiming for 'likes' and 'shares' in their...


The Science of Engagement

How do consumers interact with different forms of news content online? How engaged are users to various forms of Native content, which is now an $8 billion industry? Does the same piece of content...


When Joys of Consumption Have Shades of Grey?

Marketers and researchers at times tend to simplify assumptions about what really makes consumers motivated and happy. One of these assumptions is that people only want to experience positive emotions...

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