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ESOMAR's Research Papers are conference white papers from world's leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals.

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The Future Fan

A colourful and thought provoking study on why people become fans, and the social and cultural currency to be gained from fandom, 'The Future Fan' project maps three stages in the evolution of the...


Thirsty Work

The research showed that well-rehearsed 'patterns' of service in the channels explored tend to inhibit the desire to seek out something new when deciding on cold drinks, and they tend to result in...


Leveraging Qualitative for Indigenous Innovations

Global Corporates have strong innovation protocols around quantitative product testing but most typically do not mandate qualitative work. During this presentation we will talk about how to innovate...


Police Methods in the Supermarket

The Cognitive Interview is a qualitative interviewing technique derived from forensic police methods for eyewitness interrogations. Our presentation explains how this technique can add value to market...


How Success Stories from the Past can Inspire Future Innovation

Often enough companies are focusing on launching tactical, uninspired, no-risk and no-reward new products and line-extensions instead of thinking ahead to generate breakthrough big initiatives that...


A Disruptive Value Proposition

This case study presents the concept and operational results of a disruptive methodology launched in France in 2013, in which data collection for market research is embedded in a general ecosystem...


How to Measure User Experience

Usability is no longer enough to explain the value of interaction with technical systems. An efficient, effective and satisfactory attainment of targets is no longer sufficient to explain why certain...


Taking Mobile to the Max in Asia

Everyone is talking about it. Many are experimenting with it. And some are even doing it. Mobile promises to reach more people, in more countries, with faster results than ever before. Mobile is...


Uncompromising Intimacy: The Route to Transformational Ideas

This is a story of transformation, of a company set on transforming healthcare and research that focused on ‘uncompromising intimacy’ to deliver transformational insight. 23andMe is a...

September 2013

Research Fusion

Whilst developing economies continue to grow exponentially with greater access to technology and information, commonplace diseases remain a major cause of childhood mortality despite the presence of...

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