ESOMAR Award Winners - Info Pack

Congratulations again!

You are an ESOMAR award winner and now you are wondering... what's next?
These easy steps will clarify your way forward and help you to shine even more:

1. Your award - Your contact

You need to contact -within 5 working days after being recognized as an award winner- the Programme Manager(s) of the Event in which you participated. He/she would be able to provide you with accurate information regarding your award.

TIP: before reaching them out make sure you have reviewed the overview/description of what your award entitles here.

2. Is my award including a financial reward?

After revising the ESOMAR awards overview here you will know if your award includes a monetary reward or not. If it does, please get in touch with your contact (Event Programme Manager) who will take you through the steps with our Finance Department. Please keep in mind that the sooner you get in touch the better as international bank transfers take from 2 to 3 weeks' time to become effective.

3. How to promote and extend my award-winning momentum?

Your ESOMAR contact will provide you with an award winner banner that you can use not only in your email signature but also in social media channels. We strongly suggest you use the banner as it's a powerful visual tool to recognize your achievement. In case you need a different banner size (or gif) please get in touch with your contact providing the exact measures and purpose of the material so this can be designed (customized materials might take around 2 weeks' time to be delivered).

TIP: try not to lose momentum by utilizing the provided banner for immediate actions and perform your own social media splash via:

  1. Twitter - this is the most used platform for live updates so do not miss time and opportunity to shout loud about your accomplishment, please make sure that you tag us using #ESOMAR when mentioning the award so we can re-tweet you as well!
  2. Facebook & Instagram - You can always announce your achievement on these social networks by featuring some personal pictures (not official ones by ESOMAR but those taken by you and/or your colleagues) adding funny and funky text effects works pretty well so release your creativity and put the spotlight on you!
  3. LinkedIn - for this business-oriented platform we do recommend you follow a two steps approach: first create a post with the headlines of your achievement the same day you won the award or right the day after. As a second step, prepare a more elaborated article (blog style) incorporating a picture of your award (yes, the beautiful "E" that will probably decorate your office) and enriching the article with your overall event experience. In case you need help for this do not hesitate to contact us!

4. Am I entitled to issue a press release & blog in my own website?

Yes, you are. ESOMAR is not issuing a global press release per award but a home page post (NEWS) announcing the award winners from our latest calendar event! -this usually gets active online within 48 hours after the winners are announced- if you need a reference link to use when crafting your own press release please utilize that official announcement. It would be appreciated if you can share with us the links of your web posts and/or releases so they can get compiled into one section of our event's digital goodie bag - usually circulated 2 weeks after the event takes place- providing extra exposure to your own release, blog or news post.

5. Can I get pictures/videos from my presentation and award ceremony?

  1. Pictures

    ESOMAR usually provides a selection of pictures from our event within the Digital Goodie Bag that gets circulated to the attendees around 2 weeks after the event dates. If you need an official picture before that, please get in touch with your ESOMAR contact and we will do our best to find that image for you!

    TIP: alternative we recommend you taking several pictures on-site with your phone so you can get a bulk of images from where to select the one that you feel more comfortable with.
  2. Video

    ESOMAR publishes a highlights clip (from 2 to 3 minutes long) of the event within the aforementioned Digital Goodie Bag and it is also uploaded into YouTube publicly. However, each presentation clip gets edited individually and then uploaded into ANA our AI search. The individual clips are available for ESOMAR members only, as you will understand this is one of our major USP as ESOMAR knowledge library and multi-media content has no rival within the insights industry. If you would like to request the clip of the moment when the award was announced/given to you, please do request that to your contact and the clip will be edited and delivered to you, just keep in mind that this might take from 3 to 4 weeks' time.
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