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Corporate YES Award


Are you 35 years or younger and working for an ESOMAR Corporate member? Do you want to showcase your talent? Then why not submit your best and brightest ideas for the chance to win the Corporate YES Award?!

The Young ESOMAR Society (YES) is excited to invite young professionals to share their genius and show off their skills at our annual Congress.

They are tasked with preparing a paper, based on a research project, related to recent popular topics within the market research industry. They each present at Congress, where the audience votes based on the presentations, coupled with a score from a jury, which confirms the final winner.

Prize: EUR 1,000 + a ticket to an ESOMAR workshop with flights and accommodation included

Winners 2017

Virtual Reality Enhanced Interview
Alexandra Chirilov, GfK, Germany

Turning a Corner on Negative Perceptions of Refugees in Europe
Nijat Mammadbayli, SKIM, Netherlands
Patricia Dominguez, SKIM, United Kingdom
Samantha Bond, SKIM, Netherlands


  • Every participant must be 35 or younger and a YES Corporate member…if you are not yet a YES Corporate member*, we can help you with that. Find more information here or contact us at yes@esomar.org.
  • Only one submission per company can be entered; however, there can be one OR multiple author(s) per submission.
  • The outline and article must be based on an original research study, either dedicated to this award or a project you have been/are working on, which has not been submitted to ESOMAR before.
  • All outlines must give a clear and detailed picture of the proposed content so that the jury can judge the quality of the proposed contribution.
  • Please indicate if there is any risk that research will not yield the results foreseen or will not be completed in time for the written documentation. Avoid including any sales pitches - Content and outlines that sell a product or service will not be accepted.

Selection Policy

  • The desk data used should be freely available online or collected digitally.
  • The research and insights should be innovative/visionary.
  • Ideally, the study should be multi-country focused… but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Ideally, the study should relate to a current/new trend within the industry.

* YES Corporate member means you are a YES member, employed by an ESOMAR corporate member.

Registration fee policy for speakers
For each accepted submission, YES will happily waive one Congress registration fee. Further registrations will need to be covered by whoever is wanting to attend and/or their company.

Submissions are currently closed