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ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award


The ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award showcases the very best in demonstrating how market or social research has had substantial commercial and or societal impact. No matter how good a piece of research is, only if it produces not only insights but real actionable results with a clear benefit to either business or society can it be considered successful. The Research Effectiveness Award asks commercial and non-commercial entities to do just that, showcase their impact!

This is a prestigious global award given once a year and it is open for client side research users() (or users and their agencies) in any market or field who are interested in sharing their story about the commercial or societal impact of their research investment (ROI). We welcome submissions from all around the world and want to hear your story.


Gold trophy winner (shared 1st place)
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Uniting Marketing Research and Advanced Analytics to Increase ROI and Marketing Effectiveness
Kishore Krishna, Microsoft Corporation, USA
Michele Garner, Microsoft Corporation, USA

Gold trophy winner (shared 1st place)
ANA/AFE #SeeHer Movement Addresses Unconscious Bias in Media
Research as a Driver in the ANA / AFE #SeeHer Movement
Jim Bechtold, Association for National Advertising, Alliance for Family Entertainment, USA
Gary Getto, Advertising Benchmark Index - ABX, USA
Joel "JJ" Klein, ABX - Advertising Benchmark Index, USA
Shelley Zalis, #SeeHer at The Female Quotient, USA

Blue trophy winner (3rd place)
Cracking New Zealand's Growing Student Loan Debt Problem
How behavioural change research led a government agency to take brave action
Keith Taylor, Inland Revenue, New Zealand
Jocelyn Rout, Colmar Brunton, New Zealand


Submission deadline: 2 June 2017
Finalists announced: July
Finalists present: ESOMAR Congress 2017
Winner announced: 12 September 2017, at the ESOMAR Congress

The submission has been closed

Joint entries are also accepted (research user and agency together), however, agency-only submissions are not.

The project you submit cannot be presented at the ESOMAR Congress in the same year that it is being submitted for the award.

The judges are looking to reward the submissions that most persuasively and thoroughly establish the link between research and performance.

  • Scale of task: How difficult is the challenge to undertake?
  • Strength of solution: How imaginative or impressive is the strategic, business, social or media solution?
  • Strength of proof: How convincingly and credibly does the submission establish the link between research and commercial or social performance? How is this measured?
  • New learning: Has the case taught us anything new about how research works or about how to use research?
  • Scale of effect (this should include concrete KPIs): How impressive is the return on investment either monetary or societal? Does it demonstrate how effective the research was in contributing to the success of business or a social issue?
  • Supporting Material: Additional documentation is not required for an entry. However, entrants are encouraged to upload creative material, charts, videos, or any other presentations in support of their written piece. These can help bring the project to life for the judges. Material can be uploaded as part of the submission process.

The submissions will be reviewed by an international jury of specialists, who will select a shortlist of finalists to present their submissions at the ESOMAR Annual Congress. Finalists will be ranked as Bronze or Silver with the winner receiving a Gold rank. The jury is chaired by the President or Vice President of ESOMAR.

The Bronze and Silver ranked finalists will receive a trophy, and the Gold ranked submission will receive a trophy and a EUR 4000 prize.

The ranking of the finalists will be announced during the Awards Ceremony at the Congress.

If no finalists are judged to meet the necessary standard of the award, the jury shall be free to award no prize at all.

The award winner, together with the finalists, will be widely publicised by ESOMAR on our website, in our magazine Research World, through the ESOMAR social media channels and to international press.

All of the finalist's submissions will be published.

The submission has been closed