Best Qualitative Paper - Peter Cooper Award


In recognition of Peter's contribution to the qualitative research industry, QRi Consulting is proud to sponsor an award recognising excellent work in the qualitative field, with a EUR 1500 prize.

Please note, this award will leapfrog 2020 and reappear in 2021, so be sure to check this space for your chance to submit.

2019 Winner

I Don't Know if I Am Allowed to Say This But...

Accessing genuine feelings and opinions in the age of political correctness

Peter Totman, Jigsaw Research, UK


Papers must:

  • Be presented at the ESOMAR (Global) Qualitative conference
  • Be entirely original and not previously published in any form (the authors will be required to sign a declaration to this effect).
  • Be supported by a full and relevant bibliography. Papers presented by speakers at the invitation of ESOMAR will not be eligible for the Award.


The Programme Committee members for the Qualitative conference will select the best paper from that event, which will also be awarded the Best Qualitative Paper - Peter Cooper Award. The authors of the paper will receive the associated prize money and the paper will go forward for the Excellence Best Paper award given at the ESOMAR Congress for the best paper for that year.

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Past winners


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Insights and implications from a 'duel' between humans and machines
Anna Marchuk, HYVE Innovation Research, Germany
Signe Worning Løgstrup Jensen, HYVE Innovation Research, Denmark
Stefan Biel, Beiersdorf, Germany
Volker Bilgram, HYVE Innovation Research, Germany


(Wo)Man Vs Machine; From Competition to Collaboration

Choosing our battles; knowing when to think and when to automate
Samantha Bond, SKIM Group, Netherlands


Look Who's Talking?!

Exploring the impact Twitter has had on language and culture
Cecily Long, Flamingo, UK
Sara Picazo, Twitter, UK


The Future Fan

Exploring the evolution of music fandom and what it means to brands and the media
Andy Crysell, Crowd DNA, UK
Gemma Proctor, Twitter, UK


(Con-)figure it Out

Dorothee Stadler, HYVE, Germany
Gabriele Stahl, Procter & Gamble, Germany
Volker Bilgram, HYVE, Germany


The Power of the Dark Side

Motivation, positioning and the seven deadly sins
Shobha Prasad, Drshti Strategic Research Services, India

The jury said:

"Extremely well written, rich and narrating a compelling story about the "true power" of Qual and its ability in my view to stay "unique and relevant" in front of all the challenges it has to face."


Reality Check

Establishing the potential of new ideas in real world context
Jessica Salmon, BT, UK
Robert Cook, Firefish, UK

Diane Chayer, of the Qualitative Programme Committee, noted

"On a rational level, this paper could have won because the case study shows well designed multi-country market research, using different methodologies that left no stone unturned, and which was conducted in a time period that helps simulate reality. But real reality is that the biggest success of this paper is its ability to inspire us all."