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ESOMAR Announces Nominees for 2017 Congress Best Paper Award

02 August 2017

ESOMAR, the global voice of the data, research and insights community, is delighted to announce the 2017 Congress Best Paper Award nominations. A huge congratulations to all nominees.

The following nominated papers will be presented at ESOMAR's 70th anniversary Congress (10-13 September 2017) and the winners announced at the Congress Birthday Party & Awards Show, Tuesday 12 September. 

Congress Best Paper Award Nominees:

Can Chairs talk?
Image mining & text analytics for strategic planning
Chiara Davanzo Zamarian, Arper, Italy
Preriit Souda, Kantar TNS, UK

The Apprentice: The Real Winner in the Boardroom
How transforming research into a TV show can be a real game changer
James Livingston, Jaguar Land Rover, UK
Rhiannon Price, Northstar, UK
Daniel Tralman, Northstar, UK

Adopting an Entrepreneur
Investor mode solved real problems
Hisae Endo, Coca-Cola, Japan
Makoto Moriguchi, Coca-Cola Japan
Roxan Toll, ZappiStore, UK

Inside Out
How a Revolution of Consciousness is Changing Our Future
Kristin Hickey, kubi kalloo, UK

Truth-Telling in Today's World
Why visionary researchers must embrace their inner comedian
Stephen Carlin, Comedian, UK
Will Goodhand, Kantar TNS, UK

Beer: The Perfect Fit with your Meal instead Of Wine! Dream or Reality?
The quest for a perfect beer and food combination by using big data, algorithms and contextual consumer product testing (virtual reality)
Sjoerd Koornstra, HEINEKEN International, The Netherlands
Marion Emorine, HEINEKEN International, The Netherlands
Louise den Uijl, Haystack, The Netherlands
Maaike Hagen, Haystack, The Netherlands
Wim Hamaekers, Haystack International, Belgium