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ESOMAR Announces Industry Award Winners at Congress 2017

14 September 2017

ESOMAR is proud to announce the winners of a number of ESOMAR industry awards presented at the annual Congress 2017, held in Amsterdam, 10-13 September. 

ESOMAR President, Niels Schillewaert and ESOMAR Director General, Finn Raben, presided over the ceremony. Several awards were presented at the ESOMAR Birthday Party and Awards Ceremony. Without further ado, the 2017 award winners for each category are:

ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award 2017

This worldwide competition showcases the industry’s best in demonstrating the tangible impact of market research. The finalists include all clients of research, in any market or field, who can prove the payback of their research investment (ROI). The award places particular emphasis on how research affects commercial performance in a measurable way. This award, sponsored by ESOMAR, carries a prize of €2,500.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts
Uniting Marketing Research and Advanced Analytics to Increase ROI and Marketing Effectiveness
Kishore Krishna, Microsoft Corporation, United States
Michele Garner, Microsoft Corporation, United States

ANA/AFE #SeeHer Movement Addresses Unconscious Bias in Media 
Research as a Driver in the ANA / AFE #SeeHer Movement 
Jim Bechtold, Association for National Advertising, Alliance for Family Entertainment, USA 
Gary Getto, Advertising Benchmark Index - ABX, USA 
Joel "JJ" Klein, ABX - Advertising Benchmark Index, USA 
Shelley Zalis, #SeeHer at The Female Quotient, USA 

ESOMAR Excellence Award for the Best Paper 2017

The ESOMAR Excellence Award is given to the best paper from ESOMAR conferences throughout the year that best reflects the broad aspects and challenges faced by the market research industry today. All nominations are judged by an independent international jury and carries an ESOMAR-sponsored prize of €4,000.

Look who's talking?!     
Exploring the impact Twitter has had on language and culture
Sara Picazo, Twitter, UK
Cecily Long, Flamingo, UK

Data Combo
Combining open data and econometric modelling to understand voter’s motivations
Antoine Moreau, SLPV-Analytics, France
Laurent Flores, Université Paris II & Inseec, France

ESOMAR Congress Award for Best Paper Overall – The Fernanda Monti Award 2017

This award rewards the best paper in any field, presented at Congress. The award has a prize of €2,500 and is judged solely on the basis of the written papers and not on the manner of presentation.

Can Chairs talk?
Image mining & text analytics for strategic planning
Chiara Davanzo Zamarian, Arper, Italy
Preriit Souda, Kantar TNS, UK

ESOMAR Corporate Young Professional Award 2017

Five young professionals from ESOMAR Corporate membership were tasked with preparing a paper, based on a research project, related to recent popular topics within the market research industry. They each presented at Congress, where the audience voted based on the presentations, coupled with a score from a jury, which confirmed the final winner. The award has a prize of €1000 and a ticket to an ESOMAR workshop with flights and accommodation included.

Turning a Corner on Negative Perceptions of Refugees in Europe
Nijat Mammadbayli, SKIM, Netherlands
Patricia Dominguez, SKIM, United Kingdom  
Samantha Bond, SKIM, Netherlands

Virtual Reality Enahnced Interview
Alexandra Chirilov, GfK, Germany 

Young ESOMAR Society Pitch Competition

This year 11 Young ESOMAR Society pitchers took to the stage to pitch a data, research and insights idea in 60 seconds. The winner was voted for by the audience and invited back to the stage to give their full presentation.

Visionary Instantly
Stephanie Pineda, Kantar Millward Brown, UK

Representative Award Winners 2017

ESOMAR has created three awards that honour ESOMAR country representatives. They are our ambassadors in their markets and countries, and are an integral part of a global team of people who further ESOMAR’s mission to encourage, advance and elevate the cause of market research worldwide.

ESOMAR Representative Award – Expanding the Reach 2017
Alexander Shashkin, ESOMAR Representative Russia
Alina Serbanica, ESOMAR Representative Romania
Marita Schimpl, ESOMAR Representative Myanmar

ESOMAR Representative Award - Visibility on Regional Level 2017
Jackie Lorch, ESOMAR Representative USA
Melanie Courtright, ESOMAR Representative USA

ESOMAR Representative Award - Strategy 2017
Leonie Voster, ESOMAR Representative South Africa