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ESOMAR acts against unauthorised use of its logo

21 September 2017

ESOMAR confirms AFG Research is displaying its logo without authorisation

ESOMAR, the World Association for Data, Research and Insights working in the interest of members of its community wishes to warn its members of non-member companies showing the ESOMAR logo or older versions of the ESOMAR member mark.

“In light of increasing concerns from the public about corporate social responsibility, we want to ensure that only members who adhere to our globally recognized and respected set of standards display our mark ensuring it remains a leading international currency for trust and quality in the industry,” said Finn Raben, Director General of ESOMAR.

As an association responsible for the defense of professional standards through the enforcement of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics, ESOMAR is committed to promoting the highest standards. A condition of ESOMAR membership is compliance with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code, which acts as an important safeguard that warrants the quality of the research conducted by ESOMAR members.

AFG Research was an ESOMAR member until 2012, but is no longer committing itself to compliance with the ESOMAR Code. On their website, the company is showing the ESOMAR logo under its professional affiliations. By wrongfully suggesting there is a connection between AFG Research and ESOMAR, AFG Research may be leading its website visitors to believe that AFG Research applies the same professional standards as actual ESOMAR members, and that AFG Research is committing itself to complying with the Code. Despite multiple emails and registered letters by ESOMAR’s Professional Standards Committee and lawyers to stop the unauthorised use, the company is persisting in using the logo without authorisation.

In light of this situation, ESOMAR renews its recommendations that all organisations carry out due diligence when commissioning projects with any agency. Any claim to be an ESOMAR member should always be verified by using the free-to-use member search available at https://www.esomar.org/community/our-people. Suspicious markers could include a website showing the ESOMAR logo, or an old membership mark, instead of the most up-to-date member mark.

ESOMAR  strongly recommends the use of professionals and organisations who have adopted the ICC/ESOMAR Code, either by being members of ESOMAR and/or members of a national association who has adopted or endorsed the ICC/ESOMAR Code. Such organisations and professionals are bound to strict professional standards and face enforcement actions in the event they fail to comply with obligations they have voluntarily adhered to.  

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kim Smouter , Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards, at +31-20-664-21-41 or email at Professional.standards@esomar.org.