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Coalition for audience measurement supports presidency proposals on audience measurement

25 September 2017

Leading national and European associations confirm the proposed Estonian Presidency position would address all concerns of the audience measurement ecosystem

Brussels, Belgium, September 25, 2017– The Coalition for Audience Measurement, established on 22 June 2017 issues a joint statement welcoming recent proposed made by the Estonian Presidency of the European Union proposing constructive amendments to the European Commission’s proposal to establish an exemption enabling the audience measurement ecosystem to benefit from vital access to data enabling the setting of measurements used by audience measurement stakeholders.

The Estonian Presidency’s proposal to enable actors contractually bound to information service providers to act on their behalf addresses many of the concerns expressed by the Coalition for Audience Measurement, eager to establish a fit-for-purpose and future-proof framework that enables audience measurement actors to provide independent and accurate measurements for stakeholders that commission such measurements.

“The proposals made by the Estonian Presidency reflect the proposals made by the Coalition for Audience Measurement and address the points proposed in our position statements thus far,” commented Finn Raben, Director General at ESOMAR, “We are delighted to see that the Presidency has understood the opportunities and provided very appropriate safeguards to ensure that audience measurement continues to fulfill its societal role without creating undue risks to the fundamental rights of citizens. We hope that the legislators will continue to see our amendments as constructive inputs to the debate and will adopt them wholly during the final negotiations.”

If adopted as is, the ePrivacy Regulation would represent a significant strengthening of the legal certainty governing audience measurement activities in the digital economy, whilst continuing to strengthen the need for transparency to data subjects and their fundamental rights to privacy. Representing the central actors producing and delivering audience measurement, the Coalition for
Audience Measurement will continue to work in partnership with the European Parliament and Council of Ministers to achieve the stated objectives of establishing an enabling environment for a Digital Singlet Market that works for EU citizens and businesses alike.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kim Smouter at +31-20-664-21-41 or email at public.affairs@esomar.org.