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Fresh support for audience measurement coalition

27 September 2017

Leading national and European associations issue statements of support for position statement of Coalition for Audience Measurement

Brussels, Belgium, September 25, 2017– A new Coalition for Audience Measurement established on 22 June 2017 received a fresh wave of support when leading national and European associations issued statements of support for its initial position statement. The Coalition, composed of leading associations representing the audience measurement ecosystem (including producers and buyers), aims to provide informational inputs for lawmakers to increase understanding of the specificities of audience measurement and the added-value it brings to society.

The Coalition is calling for the European lawmakers to maintain a level playing field between all providers of audience measurement by removing artificial distinctions between so-called first-party and third-party providers and to adopt enabling language that reflects the diversity of service providers who are using audience measurement to inform strategic decisions and improve service delivery to EU citizens. Support for its objectives has now expanded and includes additional associations from across Europe.

“These statements of support underline the cross-sectoral value of audience measurement and its vital importance for the European digital single market,” said Finn Raben, ESOMAR’s Director General in commenting on the Coalition’s purpose, “It is vital our perspective is heard in the upcoming deliberations in order to strike the right balance between an enabling environment for audience measurement and the safeguard of fundamental rights for data subjects who make audience measurement possible.”

“Television and radio sales houses depend on independent, transparent and reliable audience measurement in order to have one currency to measure audiences wherever and whenever content may be. It is of particular importance to broadcasters that, with the digital transformation, measurement can be carried across devices as audiovisual content is no longer provided to users on a single TV device. This evolution needs to be clearly reflected in the measurement figures,” commented Katty Roberfroid, Director General at EGTA, the European trade association of television and radio sales houses.

“For decades, the MOA has been working closely with Dutch stakeholders to ensure that audience
measurement research is conducted responsibly and ethically,” said Wim van Slooten, CEO of the Dutch research and analytics association MOA, “it is important that the EU continues to support this essential research field that is building trust and confidence in the digital economy for all users delivering services to EU citizens.”

“In Belgium, we have witnessed that authorities sometimes misunderstand the difference between
audience measurement and online behavioral advertising,” added Patrick Coucke, General Manager of
the Belgian market research association Febelmar, “The legislation needs to resolve this confusion and enable passive audience measurement in order to guarantee trust and confidence in the digital single market and prevent unnecessary disruptions in the online user experience.”

“Audience measurement is a key activity in France, which for several decades has generated intense
collaboration between stakeholders to ensure its quality and its compliance with laws and ethics. With
the growing importance of digital technologies, it is crucial to preserve an independent, reliable
measure for exclusive research purposes, including for the passive audience measurement,” underlined Luc Laurentin, President of French syndicate for market research SYNTEC Etudes and Vice President of the business syndicate SYNTEC.

“Media consumption is increasingly digital. This poses a real challenge as it is hard for consumers to
remember all sites they visit. To ensure a comprehensive and reliable measure of audience, passive
techniques are used, which include the use of third-party cookies. It is essential for media measurement companies to be in a position to deliver a truly independent measure of internet usages for the benefits of all publishers and advertisers,” said Valérie Morrisson, Managing Director of CESP.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kim Smouter at +31-20-664-21-41 or email at public.affairs@esomar.org

ESOMAR (Coordinator)

Founded in 1947, ESOMAR gathers nearly 5000 professionals and over 500 companies
worldwide providing or commissioning research, including public and academic bodies. For
further information on ESOMAR and its activities, contact Kim Smouter, Head of Public Affairs
and Professional Standards.

Address Atlas Arena, Azië building - 5th floor, Hoogoorddreef 5, 1101 BA Amsterdam,
Telephone +31 20 664 2141 Fax +31 20 664 2922
Email info@esomar.org Website https://www.esomar.org



AGOF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung e.V).is the central German association for neutral
online audience research. As an association of the main German online publishers and sales
houses AGOF online research result (digital facts) is the currency for German online advertising.
It provides a neutral and statistic audience research system for internet usage. Audience
measurement and research is necessary to provide information on the usage and acceptance of
online services for the whole public online market. The goal of the scientific analysis is to
provide independent, verifiable data to build a trustworthy currency for online usage.

Address Europa-Allee 22, 60327 Frankfurt

Telephone +49 69 264 888 310, Fax +49 69 264 888 320,

E-mail geschaeftsstelle@agof.de Website: http://www.agof.de



CESP is the French Multimedia Joint Industry Committee gathering media owners, sales houses,
advertising agencies, media agencies and advertisers. CESP audits currency audience
measurement studies of all media on behalf of the industry in France : internet, TV, print, radio,

CESP is a non-profit organization that has supported the French media industry since 1957 and
more than 20 countries to date since 1997.

Address 55 rue Anatole France, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France

Telephone +33 1 40 89 63 60

Email cesp@cesp.org Website www.cesp.org



The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s leading alliance of public service media.
We have 73 Members in 56 countries in Europe, and an additional 34 Associates in Asia, Africa
and the Americas. Our Members operate almost 2,000 television and radio channels together
with numerous online platforms. Together they reach audience of more than one billion people
around the world, broadcasting in more than 120 languages. The EBU operates Eurovision and
Euroradio services.

Address 56 avenue des Arts – 1000 Brussels

Telephone +32 2 286 9102

Email collet@ebu.ch Website https://www.ebu.ch/about/european-affairs



Founded in 1992, EFAMRO represents the interests of market, social and opinion research in
Europe. Its members are national trade associations for research businesses. We represent over
1000 research businesses in 14 countries, accounting for 31% of the global research industry, or
€7.46 billion. For further information on EFAMRO and its activities, contact Michelle Goddard,
Director of Policy and Communication.

Address Bastion Tower, level 20, Place du Champ de Mars 5, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Telephone +32 2 550 3548 Fax +32 2 550 3584

Email info@efamro.eu Website http://www.efamro.com



egta is the Brussels-based trade association of television and radio sales houses that market the
advertising space of both public and private broadcasters across Europe and beyond.

Address 22, Rue des Comédiens, boîte 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Telephone +32 2 290 31 31 Fax: + 32 2 290 31 39

Email francois.lavoir@egta.com Website http://www.egta.com



Febelmar unites Belgian research agencies. Febelmar was founded in 1980 under the influence
of 6 agencies specialised in market research. Today, Febelmar brings together 33 institutes and
is the professional association of Belgian market research agencies grouping approximately 85%
of the total investment in market research in Belgium.

Address Noordkustlaan 1, 1702 Groot Bijgaarden, Belgium

Telephone +32 2 502 65 75

Email info@febelmar.be Website http://www.febelmar.be



MLE co-ordinates and represents the common economic interests of businesses representing
the print media towards government, political institutions, parties, and business partners. Its
aim is to ensure a strong representation of the print media's benefits for all players in the media
market, using the domestic and international experiences of members of the association.
It promotes the spread of fair business practices, promotes cutting-edge business solutions,
strengthens ethical behaviour in both the publishing and journalistic spheres, enhances the
prestige of the newspaper publishing industry.

Address 1012 Budapest, Pálya u. 4-6, Hungary

Telephone + 36 6 12 12 50 25

Email titkarsag@mle.org.hu Website http://mle.org.hu/



The MOA, Center for Marketing Insights, Research and Analytics is an association of companies
and institutions engaged in market research, digital analytics, marketing intelligence and policy
research based in the Netherlands. The MOA's aim is the quality of survey based and non-survey
based information, both nationally and internationally, in the broadest sense of the word to
promote, develop and stimulate. In addition, the association promotes the interests of (virtual)
respondents, users, and providers of digital analytics, marketing research and opinion and policy

Address 151, Teleport Centre, 1043 GR, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Telephone + 31 20 5810710
Email info@moaweb.nl Website https://www.moaweb.nl


News Media Europe

News Media Europe (NME) represents European publishers worth over 12 billion euros and
nearly 2200 titles both on printing and digital platforms. NME’s national members include
Belgium (Flanders), Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Norway,
Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom. News Media Europe is the association of news
publishers who fully embrace today’s digital revolution – which ultimately represents the future
of the press and news media sector.

Address Square de Meeus 25, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Telephone +32 473 68 58 64

Email wout.vanwijk@newsmediaeurope.eu Website http://www.newsmediaeurope.eu



SYNTEC Etudes is the French syndicate representing market research professionals in France. Its
objectives are to represent, promote and defend the collective professional, ethical and
economic interests of legal entities that have as a major activity market and opinion research on
behalf of organisations and companies, public or private.

SYNTEC Etudes brings together nearly 60 companies, ranging from SMEs to the largest market
players, covering the entirety of market research and opinion research service offers. In terms of
turnover and staff, the member organisations of SYNTEC Etude comprise over half of the French
market for market and opinion research.

Address 148, boulevard Haussmann, 75008, Paris, France

Telephone +33 144 30 49 20

Email syntec-etudes@groupement-syntec.org Website http://syntec-etudes.com



The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers was founded in Paris in 1948 by
survivors of the World War II clandestine press of France and The Netherlands. It was created by
newspaper publishers from eight countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Holland,
Luxemburg, Sweden and Switzerland. Today, 72 national associations of newspaper publishers
from 67 countries are our members, giving to WAN-IFRA the privilege to represent more than
18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites and over 3,000 companies. For more information on our
activities contact Elena Perotti, Executive Director Public Affairs and Media Policy

Address 96bis rue Beaubourg, 75003, Paris, France

Telephone +33 6 73941234

Email elena.perotti@wan-ifra.org Website http://www.wan-ifra.org