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ESOMAR takes action against unauthorised use of its logo

05 July 2018

Unauthorised use stopped by cease-and-desist letter to hosting company


ESOMAR, the Global Insights Community wishes to warn its members of non-member companies showing the ESOMAR logo or older versions of the ESOMAR member mark.

AFG Research still kept the ESOMAR logo on its website under its professional affiliations, even though their membership had ended in 2012. In this complex case, former member AFG Research failed to respond to emails and registered letters from ESOMAR about the unauthorised use of the logo. To protect the value of the ESOMAR member mark, ESOMAR hired a lawyer to send a cease-and-desist letter. Since the company was unresponsive and kept using the logo without authorisation, a cease-and-desist letter was sent to the hosting company of the website. This resulted in the successful removal of the infringing content.

In September 2017 ESOMAR warned its members about former or non-member company websites with the old ESOMAR member mark or logo in this article. Website visitors could think such a company applies the same professional standards and delivers the same quality research as actual ESOMAR members. Suspicious markers could be the use of the ESOMAR logo, instead of the Membership Mark, or the use of an old ESOMAR Mark.

Be careful when you come across these markers and flag them to us. ESOMAR recommends to always verify ESOMAR membership when commissioning projects by using our free-to-use member search available at Should you still be using our logo or an old mark, go to MyESOMAR and download the latest Membership Mark for your own organisation.

ESOMAR strongly recommends working with professionals and organisations who have adopted the ICC/ESOMAR Code; either by being a member of ESOMAR or by being a member of a national association who has adopted or endorsed the ICC/ESOMAR Code. These organisations are bound by strict professional standards and could face enforcement actions in the event they fail to comply with their obligations.