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ESOMAR Plus Webinar: What the Data Protection Authority wants you to know and do

05 July 2018

With the GDPR now in full swing and with the first investigations, court decisions and fines having been issued, it’s time to better understand the role and expectations of the national Data Protection Authorities (DPAs).

The ESOMAR Plus team have put together a Webinar to address some key questions: How does the DPA interpret the GDPR? What does the DPA expect from my company? What are the DPA’s priorities?

We have done a thorough analysis of the Article 29 Working Party’s guidance on this, so you don’t have to!

In this ESOMAR Plus subscriber’s only Webinar we will walk you through the requirements being put forward by the DPAs and give you the tools to implement them.

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ESOMAR Plus key differences

ESOMAR Plus, designed to support your compliance with data privacy laws, comes in different packages to suit different use-cases in our industry.

The key factor consistent across all services is the Knowledge Share component, giving subscribers unlimited access to Webinars, Guidelines and summaries of the Article 29 Working Party Guidance. 

The main difference to be seen as the packages increase in engagement with ESOMAR’s Data Protection Working Group, is the consultancy service available in Advanced, Premium and Ultimate. The guidance service is not only tailored to suit your needs, but it is also an opportunity to find out whether your privacy policy, contracts, processes and operations are compliant with data protection laws in your country.

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