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Supporting you with GDPR

08 August 2018

Europe’s Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová announced that enforcement actions are to be expected as early as 2018. While some thought there would be a grace period after the 25th of May, Jourová reminded us that Data Protection Authorities are working hard to fulfil their investigative powers and monitor compliance, potentially issuing further fines before the end of the year.

To support members to avoid potentially hefty fines, ESOMAR organised a Webinar on what Data Protection Authorities want you to know for ESOMAR Plus subscribers. Don’t miss our next Webinar on choosing the right legal bases for the right projects by submitting a Request for Proposal. To give you an idea of what you can expect, you can still register and watch the recording on the webinar we did with AQR: How qualitative research is affected by GDPR.