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ESOMAR Announces Award Winners of ASIA PACIFIC 2019

24 May 2019

ESOMAR is proud to announce the winners of a number of ESOMAR awards presented at the Asia Pacific 2019 conference, held in Macau, 22-24 May. 

ESOMAR Best Paper Award APAC 2019

The Real Story Ends in Landfill
Using behavioural research and insights to reduce the amount of unrequested goods sent from Australia during times of humanitarian crises in the Pacific Region

Crawford Hollingworth [The Behavioural Architects]; Melissa Gill [The Behavioural Architects]; Jonathan Hanratty [The Behavioural Architects]; Sam Paul [The Behavioural Architects]

Of the Best Paper, our APAC 2019 Programme Committee had this to say: “This research is a great demonstration of how Behavioral Economics can be used to get in-depth understanding of the behaviours associated with sending unrequested goods in an humanitarian crisis and provided clear guidance on effective communication strategies to reduce the likelihood of it occurring in the future.”

This award carries a prize of EUR 1000, and the Event Best Paper winners automatically compete for Best Paper Award of the Year to be announced at our Global Flagship Event, Congress, in September.

ESOMAR Best Presentation Award APAC 2019

Internet Saathi: Building a Digital India for All
Measuring the short to long-term impact of digital literacy education in rural India

Ashley Woods [Google Asia Pacific] and Matthew Beal [Kantar TNS]

ESOMAR YES Competition APAC 2019

Blockchain in Research
Tsahn Cherng [Kantar]


Congratulations to all winners!